Is Botox Cosmetic in Dubai worth it?

Botox Dubai

It’s a known fact that Dubai is an extravagant and lavish city with an amazing lifestyle and modern facilities. Just like every mega city, the citizens remain vigorously active and busy to meet the demands of everyday life. Staying fit, healthy while having personable appearance and manner is indispensable in order to socialize and stand out of the crowd even if one has to give a job interview.

Aesthetics are vital – so is a person’s medicinal need. Keeping all those points in view, Botox Cosmetic in Dubai can prove to be vital for both aesthetic and medical needs which seemingly have become holy grail.


Botox Winter Blues?

I am lucky enough not to suffer from depression but, like most, I have days when I am truly miserable. Waking up, whilst darkness ensues, to a frozen car in recent weeks has definitely provoked some despair as I realise winter is just beginning.
Our clinic has been particularly busy in the last few


Be Young, Always

Youth is not the game of numbers; by taking good care of your skin from 20s you can enjoy the youthful look and grace even after 50s. Anti-aging industry has grown manifold in past few years and there are several treatment available now to hide the signs of aging. Important, however, is to know that


Nefertiti Facelift With Botox

The Lady of Grace, the Mistress of Upper and Lower Egypt, the Sweet of Love, Queen Nefertiti has been, for centuries, the slogan of beauty. Especially her long and slim neck and smooth jaw line, which adds the elegance and poise to her appearance, is simply alluring. When her bust was displayed for the public,