Best Options for Hair Removal For Women

Whether its light fuzzy facial hair or coarse underarm growth, women go to great lengths to remove body hair. There are different methods of hair removal, but what exactly is the best? Because we all have unique needs and preferences, the answer is fairly simple: it depends. Here is a look at some of the most common hair removal options that most women use.


Shaving, whether done with a razor or electric razor is just the same as cutting off hair. The only difference is that it removes hair quite close to the skin. This process does not remove hair right from the root, so it does not disturb the hair follicle. Because of that, the effects are quite temporary, usually just for a few days.

  • Pros: Shaving is cheap and easy and can be done any time at home. It is also very painless. Shaving is effective for whole body hair removal.
  • Cons: The effects of shaving are quite temporary, so you have to keep up with it. Hair growth from shaving can cause itching and hair stubble to grow. Aside from that, you may not be able to get that clean-shave look each time.

Hair Removal Creams

Hair removal creams or depilatories contain chemical compounds that dissolve hair protein. Like shaving, it does not remove hair from the root. Unlike shaving though, hair removal creams leave the hair smoothed out, minimizing stubble. This is a typical choice for facial hair removal.

  • Pros: These creams minimize stubble and have a longer effect than shaving.
  • Cons: Results are temporarily and have to be repeated at least weekly to prevent re-growth. These creams usually have a chemical aroma. They can sting the skin and cause possible allergic reactions.


Waxing is regularly done at a spa and salon. Hot or cold wax is applied on to the area and is flattened out with a wooden spatula. A strip of linen is then pressed down against the wax and is ripped away in a very quick motion.

  • Pros: This method is easy and efficient, and most women get the desired results – smooth, hairless skin. The effect can last for several days up to weeks.
  • Cons: This hair removal method is quite painful, and the severity of the pain will depend on the area where removal is made. A potential drawback of this method is that it opens up the hair follicles, increasing the risk for infection.

Electric Or Laser Treatments

Laser or pulse light  and electrolysis are treatments which are performed by a medical doctor or licensed clinician. Laser hair removal involves channeling pusled light through the hair shaft, destroying the hair right from its root. Electrolysis makes use of a tiny needle which slides electricity down to the follicle until it kills the cells in-charge of hair growth.

  • Pros: These types of body hair removal produce permanent effects.
  • Cons: This procedure requires some time, so you may need to undergo several sessions before the effects are achieved. Likewise, they are also expensive. You may experience some degree of pain during the treatment sessions and may require some recovery time as well.

If you are trying to decide the best hair removal for you, the information above help you decide. What about you, what hair removal option do you usually use? What option do you plan to try?

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