Treatments for lines around the eyes

Lines that form around or under the eyes can be very frustrating especially when they develop at young ages, as they give skin an old and tired appearance. Unfortunately, the occurrence of these lines is perfectly normal and it’s triggered most of the times by the decreasing production of collagen and elastin that accompanies aging.


As we get older, these fibers present in skin around the eyes and mouth start breaking down and get damaged, losing their elasticity and smoothness. Moreover, given that skin also loses its elasticity and moisture and its self-renewal ability decreases, line and wrinkles around the eyes can develop without anyone stopping their evolution.

Laughing, smoking, sun exposure, lack of sleep, alcohol consumption, not wearing glasses, watching TV for too many hours in a row, not applying moisturizing creams and not drinking enough water are only some of the triggers of fine lines around the eyes. Also, not removing the makeup before going to bed and using harsh cosmetics and towels for drying the face can damage the skin and favor the formation of wrinkles and lines around eye.

Fortunately, nowadays there are plenty of solutions for removing these lines or at least reducing their appearance, so regardless of how deep wrinkles around your eyes are there are surely some methods you can apply for restoring your skin’s beautiful, glowing and youthful aspect. Given below are some of the most common treatments used in reversing wrinkles and lines around the eyes.

Peri-orbital Botox treatments

Botulinum toxin injections are nowadays accepted as the most effective treatment against wrinkles and lines around eyes, their effects lasting for up to three months. The peri-orbital area is very suitable for such treatments, Botox treatments contributing to a line-free, smoother skin, to an improved brow contour and a reduced appearance for under eye wrinkles.

Injections are administered easily, using a small amount of substance as muscles around the eyes are weak and don’t require a large volume of Botox for paralyzing. Once contractions of these muscles are inhibited, lines and wrinkles can no longer form in this area thus skin around the eyes regains its fresh, youthful and healthy appearance.

Although very effective, this technique has some potential side effects, such as bruising, itching, pain or fatigue and headaches. In some people who have a very thin skin or undue laxity in this region, droopiness in the eyelid or in the treated eye’s corner can appear, so in order to prevent these undesired effects some measures have to be taken.

The easiest way to prevent these side effects is taking a so-called snap test, which consists in gently pulling the lower lid and then releasing it. If the lid snaps back into its position, patient is less likely to have adverse reactions but if there’s a minor delay in the returning of the lid to its normal position, the patient is more prone to developing lower lid ectropion after the Botox injection. This condition manifests through the eyelid’s eversion away from the ocular globe and requires surgical treatment for the normal appearance of the eyelid to be restored.

For the rejuvenation of the peri-orbital area, the fibers of the orbicularis oculi muscle are targeted. Injecting Botox directly into the skin in this area not only softens it and reduces wrinkles and lines but it also helps in reshaping the eyes contour and making it more open and rounder.

Fillers for lines around the eyes

Fillers are gels containing hyaluronic acid, substance that’s essential for skin’s volume and smoothness. With aging, production of hyaluronic acid inside the organism decreases therefore wrinkles and lines around eyes are more likely to form. Dermal fillers are used for treating these signs of aging as well as for reversing skin folds and lines around the mouth.

Just like Botox, fillers are injected into the skin but their role is to add volume, lift up wrinkles and plump up the creased skin, not to paralyze muscles. Given that hyaluronic acid is naturally found inside the human body, treatments with dermal fillers are generally safe and free of side effects.

Dermal fillers can be successfully used for treating wrinkles and lines around the eyes as well as for glabellar lines – those lines appearing between the eyebrows, for nasolabial folds which form at the angles of the mouth and for the lines around the lips. Just like Botox, dermal fillers have temporary effect, new injections being required every 4-8 months.

Treat fine lines with an empty cannula

An innovative method for treating lines and wrinkles around eyes was introduced by Dr. Babak Azizzadeh, plastic surgeon at the Center for Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery in L.A. According to the specialist, this technique is less invasive than classical methods used for reversing wrinkles as uses blunt-tip cannulas instead of needles.

Fillers are injected using these cannulas and provide an eyelift that’s less painful and damaging for the sensitive and delicate skin around the eyes. The technique is able to significantly reduce or completely smooth out lines and wrinkles, leaving the skin rejuvenated and fresh looking.

Effectiveness of this treatment comes from the fact that it addresses not only the effects of aging – wrinkles, lines, dark circles and loose skin – but also the root cause of these unpleasant symptoms. By refilling the damaged stores of fats underneath the skin with harmless fillers, this technique ensures a smooth and natural facial appearance, tightening skin, lifting it and pulling it back for a firmer aspect.

Dermaroller therapy

Dermaroller therapy is another innovative technique used in treating fine lines around the eyes and wrinkles caused by smoking, sun exposure, aging, excessive skin dryness, laughing or facial expressions.

This procedure is based on an advanced skin needling method during which the needling roller, which is sterile, is rolled across the target skin area, causing numerous micropunctures in the superficial layers. As the roller is moved along the skin, the tissue is stimulated to produce more collagen therefore lines and wrinkles are naturally filled with collagen and are reversed without the need of fillers.

Still, in case of too deep or old wrinkles, cosmeceuticals and serums based on vitamin A and vitamin C can be used for more intense effects. According to studies, this method increases collagen production with 400%, so it’s no surprise the method is so popular nowadays. Dermarollers can be used for wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes, for acne scars and stretch marks, chicken pox scars and even for surgical scars.

Given that the technique is more painful than the previously mentioned ones, a topical anesthetic cream can be used before the procedure and a local injection can be administered for minimizing discomfort.

Treatment of under eye lines with an empty small needle

Last, the appearance of fine lines under the eye can be improved with the tunneling method in which a needle is inserted very carefully in the superficial layers of the skin multiple times. As the needle forms repetitive tunnels the skin repairs those sections with collagen fibers.

This is similar to the dermaroller or medical microneedling technique but it’s slightly modified for the delicate area of the eyes. Miniscule amounts of hyaluronic acid fillers may be injected too while performing this procedure, which can only be done by a very experienced cosmetic physician.

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