Botox for Palmar Hyperhidrosis – Painless Botox Injections using Dermojet Promedical Device

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The development of science and technology has procured solutions to many sufferings that human beings had to endure when there was no proper medical diagnosis or treatment for the sufferings. Today, advanced medical science has the solution for every type of problems or sufferings that a human being has to face irrespective of age or gender. If we take up the case of excessive sweating then a few years back people took it as a natural problem and endured the problems related to excessive sweating by using temporary methods of reducing the sweating for few hours. However, in this modern age medical experts have succeeded in obtaining a solution to the problem of excessive sweating as they have discovered a drug called Botox.. London Botox Clinics  provides long-term relief from Palmar Hyperhidrosis which means excessive sweating on the palms of the hands.


Botox is an injection that is prepared from the extract taken from botulinum toxin and the toxin has the capacity to reduce the sweating for a long duration when injected in the skin covering those areas where excessive sweating takes place. Botox treatment is best for those people, who have tried all other methods of treatment for reducing Palmar Hyperhidrosis, but did not get fruitful result. However, there is one drawback in treating Palmar Hyperhidrosis with Botox. That is, the pain in the hand a person has to endure when Botox administration takes place in the palm of the hands with the help of an injection. Along with that, there is the problem of developing muscle weakness during the treatment phase with Botox so most of the people do not prefer to undergo this treatment.

Nevertheless, there is a solution to every type of problem; medical experts have found the solution for eradicating the intense pain while treating patients suffering from Palmar Hyperhidrosis. The latest method that they have developed for providing painless treatment is the use of the Dermojet Promedical device with the help of which painless administration of botox in London clinics has become a practical possibility. The Dermojet Promedical device is painless as the syringe used for injecting the medicine does not have any type of needle yet the appliance has the facility of injecting all type of liquids in the body with the help of a process called intradermic projection.

This process eliminates the use of the needle that is normally used for injecting any type of liquid medicine in the body moreover, in this process the injection does not make any contact with the patient’s skin so it has proved to be relatively painless method of injecting Botox in  London for the treatment of Palmar Hyperhidrosis. The Dermojet Promedical device has four models used for different purposes. Therefore, if you have to take twenty or thirty injections in the palm of your hands of local anesthetic there will be very little marks on your palm, neither will you have the problem of bearing all the pain and other problems that you had imagined with the use of ordinary syringe.

Results Of Our Preliminary Tests With The Device:

– Though anaesthesia is easily achieved in the areas of the palm required there is a drawback to the use of this device.   The skin in the palms is quite thicker than other areas on the body and hence with the pressure administered by the device the drug(anaesthetic) doesn’t just diffuse through the skin but causes minor splits in the skin which are not really noted at the time but once the anaesthesia has worn of it is tender for upto 24 hours.  We are still testing the device in the palms with other applicator heads (with three and five holes) to see if it causes less skin splitting.

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