Does Botox Elevate Your Mood?

There are a number of claims stating that Botox does not only have positive effects on our body but also on our mind. Botox seems to elevate people’s moods.

Botox and Happiness Theory

There are number of experiments done along these lines to find out whether it really does so. Some say that Botox does not have any direct effect on our mood change and the mood change is only a secondary result of the Botox treatment. When we are given Botox shots, we will not be able to frown. Our face looks more serene and when we don’t frown we look much happier by appearance and this in turn actually feel happier as our body and mind are interlinked and mind learns to respond to the expressions of our face and body. This is one of the theories on how Botox can help you elevate one’s mood. There is another theory on Botox, which states that when we are given Botox injection, our appearance changes for the better. So the person that has taken the Botox injection feels happy and this helps the person to fight any depression. Here the theory goes that if you look good, you also feel good.

The Claims Are Not Yet Proven

There are no decisive theories or proof whether Botox has any effect on our mood changes directly or whether it is just a secondary effect. If Botox should have direct effect on our mood, then it can be used for treating people with depression. A number of experiments have been performed along these lines and there are not any proved results so far. So the appropriateness of using Botox for treating depression is still questionable.

Whether it has direct effects on improving our mood or not, if people who take Botox injections are going to feel good either because of Botox or because they look good or because they are unable to frown is ultimately a good thing irrespective of the actual reason. If you are going for Botox for cosmetic reasons, then you have nothing to worry about, you should actually be happy that you are feeling better. On the other hand, if you want to use Botox for treating your depression, then you should better consult a licensed physician who specializes in depression and take his or her counsel on the treatment.

As much as our expressions are based on how we feel, our gestures can also trigger the emotions that are associated with our expressions. Therefore, by controlling our facial muscles, controlling our emotions should be an acceptable theory.

With Botox injections, we can start looking young and by getting our injections from an experienced Botox London centers like, we can achieve more natural results for our Botox injections. When we do get satisfactory results we will certainly be happy and it will fight any residual depression that may be lurking within us and changes us into happier people.

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