Excessive Sweating of Face: Can Botox Work?

With each bead of sweat, your confidence drops off from your forehead. Who could bear smelling like a rotten egg? Who could tolerate the blob running through one’s face? And worse part is that it’s in your face, you can’t hide it. Doctors have come up with many solutions to this problem of excessive sweating, Hyperhidrosis, but the results aren’t good enough. Natural remedies can only help reducing the sweat a bit. Oral medications haven’t produced impressive outcome and surgical procedures even found to increase sweating in other parts of the body.

Why Does Sweating Occur?

Sweating is a natural reaction to increase in body temperature. When we walk, exercise, take stress or do anything that affect our body temperature, the body automatically attempts to cool itself down and, for that, we sweat. However, if you sweat when there is no reason to sweat, this is excessive sweating. It could be due to obesity, thyroid problems, diabetes or some infection, but in most cases, it’s harmless and you are just naturally prone to excessive sweating.

Can Botox Help?

Recently some medical researcher decided to find whether Botox can be helpful for excessive sweating or not. Here’s what they found

  • Around 81% of patients receiving Botox achieved at least a 50% reduction in sweating

  • For patients receiving Botox treatment, sweat production reduced from 192 mg/min to 24 mg/min as compared with 144 mg/min for patients not receiving Botox treatment.

  • Botox did not produce any notable side effect on the patients getting treatment for excessive sweating for over a two-year period.

  • Patients receiving Botox reported improved occupational and life satisfaction after six month of treatment

So it seems Botox can really do some help for patients of Hyperhidrosis.

What Can Botox Do?

Botox blocks the brain signals reaching your sweat glands, not making them aware that your brain wants them to get active. As a result, they remain inactive and don’t ooze sweat. Unlike oral medication, it only inactivates just the area where you sweat a lot, not the entire body. But the inactivation is only for 6-7 months and you’d have to visit the clinic after every 6 months to stop it coming again.

Last Piece of Advice

The main drawback with Botox treatment for facial sweating is that it can cause paralysis of muscles so the doctor cannot apply it on every part of your face. Botox can be really effective for your

  • Forehead

  • Nose

But it must be applied with care when it comes to

  • Upper lips

  • Nose tip

  • Cheeks

That’s why I strictly forbid you’re from having Botox injected by beauty therapists. Let only expert hands inject Botox on your face.

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