Wrinkles In Motion: Unnecessary Expressions

As saying goes “your face reflects your mind”, our expressions are believed to tell the truth. So even when one’s trying to tell a lie, the truth is always there, written all over his face. But face can fib too; it can make people appear what they actually are not. Some expression remains engraved on our face even when we are not feeling the same way. Whether your face is expressing your inside or is just showing a wrong expression, it can affect your social image. What’s more, the lines and wrinkles formed due to these expressions are not aesthetically very appealing. Here’s some expression that you need to keep a check on:

Frown Lines:

Your frowning image can even make you lose elections

You might have heard the phrase “Turn that frown upside down” and surely you wish you would have listened to that advice as you head to the doctors demanding, “Take that frown off my face, Doctor!” No one liked to be known as ill-tempered, particularly when you are not really tempered – it’s just few lines that make you appear so.

Frown lines, vertical lines in between the brows, are usually believed as a sign of anger. That’s not always the case, though. Some people simply have a habit of contracting their frowning muscles even when they’re in a good mood, when they try to concentrate on something like during writing or reading or drawing. However, after repetitive frowning, it becomes part of their face and they can’t avoid looking irate. As a giant frown is not a very good way of saying hello, you need to work on these lines.

Pucker up Lip Lines:

Ms. Lagrade’s not puckering up. She just appears so, when she speaks

We all know what smoking does to one’s health but very few know how it affects one’s looks. In addition to yellow teeth and black lips, frequent smoking leads to appearance of pucker up lip lines. These lip lines run vertically and squiggly around your lips, making you look like you are puckering up all the time even if you are not. These lines can be very embarrassing at times. Just imagine, you are having a serious business deal with your client of opposite sex and your lips are giving this constant puckering up expression as if you are ready to kiss.

Bunny Lines:

Kidman’s bunny lines: cute but not always

Bunny lines are those horizontal lines across the ridge of your nose that resembles the lines on rabbits’ nose. Sometimes they run down the side of nose as well. You might not feel moving your nose but this is a natural occurrence when you smile, eat, smell, sneeze, or make any other expression. They are cute, if you are trying to appear innocent but their constant presence can be annoying. When you have some serious business to do, it’s really bad if you keep on making childish expression all the time.

Crow’s Feet:

Squinting looks good on him, not on everyone though

When you squint or smile, lines appear around your eyes that we often term as crow’s feet. They boost up the smiling expressions but with age, these lines become deeper and permanent, and you appear as if your eyesight is very weak. Since the skin around your eyes is very sensitive and delicate, with less moisture than other areas of your face, they are quicker in engraving these lines even when you aren’t really aged.  Exposure to sunlight, computer screen, reading and frequent speaking can further worsen the appearance of these lines. To immediately minimizing the aging lines, start using appropriate sunglasses. Now, “appropriate sunglasses” can be defined as a pair that has the appropriate amount of UV protection and a size large enough that they will not only help protect your eyes from bright sunlight, minimizing crow’s feet, but will also serve as skin protection for skin around your eyes. But sunglasses can’t do anything for lines that are already formed.

Botox for Unnecessary Expressions

Botox injection can be one good way of getting rid of plastered or unnecessary expressions off your face. Our recent survey on Botox patients have shown that majority of them are professionals associated with jobs requiring socialization and want to put a halt on expressing odd looks. In the past, people had this procedure for aesthetic reasons. Today, they are more concerned about the first impression they portray when meeting people. Knowing the increasingly competitive business climate and the growing importance of social networking, we are expecting more use of Botox for dealing with unnecessary expression in the future.


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