Low Cost Botox Treatments: Is It Worth the Risk?

Nowadays, there are many beauty and anti-aging treatments available to all people. Almost any cosmetic product can be bought over-the-counter, and many people go to aestheticians instead of dermatologists sometimes. With the wide availability low cost of beauty products and anti-aging procedures, people sometimes risk damaging their skin and not getting their money’s worth for trusting cheap products and services.

It is no wonder why many people go for Botox treatments. Botox has gained so much popularity in the last two decades because of its effectiveness in eliminating lines and wrinkles in the face, thus rejuvenating one’s looks instantly. One important advantage of using Botox for anti-aging purposes is that is a quick and easy procedure, which produces fast results and no down time. The doctor simply injects a small amount of botulinum toxin A, which is produced by Clostridium botulinum bacteria, to the areas where facial muscles are overactive and create lines and wrinkles. It is a simple office procedure performed by a doctor and the patient goes home after less than an hour, seeing positive results within a few days.

However, some people look for low cost Botox treatments, often from less experienced or less qualified persons, including aestheticians who have no medical background. Some salons and spas offer cheap Botox treatments in non-medical settings, and others even offer Botox parties, which are social events much like a Tupperware party. In these events, groups of people, like office workers or friends, get cheap Botox injections at a group price. While these parties, which may be attended by physicians, offer low cost botox treatments compared to those normally administered in doctors’ offices the British College of Aesthetic Medicine as well as British Association of Plastic Surgeons have both issued warnings against such “social” activities. Experts have expressed reservations about the ability of physicians to provide a safe and sterile environment outside the doctor’s office.

Botox treatments must be supervised by a qualified practitioner.   Botox comes in white powder form that must be mixed with a solvent before use. A fresh the batch will yield better the results than one that has been refrigerated for days, or a mixture that has been watered down.

Risks of Getting Low Cost Botox Treatments

It is important to consider that although Botox treatments are generally safe, a few possible complications can take place, especially when it is administered by less experienced or unqualified personnel. These complications include flulike symptoms, fatigue, nausea, malaise, and rashes at distant sites. Untoward consequences include pain, swelling, erythema, bruising, headache, and increased sensitivity to pain. The most common significant adverse effect is unwanted weakness of muscles , such as those of the eyelids, resulting in ptosis or drooping eyelids, paralysis of the brow muscles, difficulty in swallowing, and neck muscle weakness. These side effects are temporary but they may cause discomfort and loss of facial symmetry.

It is also possible to experience therapeutic failure, or lack of response due to inadequate injections or denatured Botox mixtures.

Experts in Botox treatments are also important in determining if these treatments are appropriate for patients who want them. There are certain contraindications or special cases when they may not be suitable for use, especially in people who might be allergic to them.  Pregnant and lactating women should be advised to delay the injections until pregnancy is complete and breastfeeding has ended.

Patients with diseases of the neuromuscular junction such as myasthenia gravis must be treated cautiously because their underlying generalized weakness can be exacerbated, and local weakness at injection sites may be greater than otherwise expected. Patients must also be advised that some medications decrease neuromuscular function and these must be avoided in patients treated with Botox. These include calcium channel blockers, penicillamine, aminoglycosides, and quinine.

To get the best results, consult a cosmetic doctor who has a lot of experience in performing Botox injections to find out more about these treatments.  Watch out for cheap deals on discount websites as some of these deal prices are lower than the price of the medicine when used in appropriate quantities.   Complications do occur even in the best of hands but why increase the risk to clinics and practitioners requiring clients from discount websites.

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