Nefertiti Facelift With Botox

The Lady of Grace, the Mistress of Upper and Lower Egypt, the Sweet of Love, Queen Nefertiti has been, for centuries, the slogan of beauty. Especially her long and slim neck and smooth jaw line, which adds the elegance and poise to her appearance, is simply alluring. When her bust was displayed for the public, several beauty critics wrote article in her praise and claimed that such perfection can only be the gift of God. But recently, a CT scan of bust put a question mark to all beauty lures when it was found that the sculptor had cosmetically masked the neck wrinkle and folds on the original bust of the queen, to give it a smooth and finished look. What a shocking discovery, indeed. But it has an insightful lesson as well: human hand can do magic.

What is Nefertiti Facelift?

Just the way a sculptor made Queen Nefertiti a beauty icon with little masking, a cosmetologist can boost up your looks with Nefertiti facelift which is a non-surgical method for lifting the muscles of your neck and jawline. The procedure involves injecting multiple Botox injections around your neck and jawline which will relax the muscles causing sagging skin and bands on neck. Your jawline may become more defined and the neck will become youthful and wrinkle free.

Will Nefertiti Facelift make you look like Queen Nefertiti?

No, it won’t. Although the treatment has been named after the famous Queen as a tribute to her gorgeous looks, Nefertiti facelift can only smooth and tighten up your neck skin and can redefine your jaws. You’ll experience no dramatic change; some even reported only minor change in their looks. The normal surgical facelift can produce much better results than this. Also, the results are temporary and start fading out after 3 to 6 months. So be realistic when you go for it and don’t dream to be the Queen Nefertiti. Be proud of yourself – this is the real secret of Nefertiti’s beauty.

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