Should You Try Skin Peeling At Home?

The process of skin peeling is never an easy one – and it is not usually a good sight to see, too. Before peeling, the skin usually turns red or has this shiny and tight look before it begins to crack and flake. The sensation can range from itchy to downright painful. Depending on your choice of product, your skin can peel  off in very small or micro-patches or the other way around, as if you were a snake shedding off your skin.

While skin peels are usually done with the supervision of a professional, many women and men are taking things into their own hands as they go DIY. At home skin peeling has never been this popular.

Is It Safe To Do At Home?

Many peels, especially milder ones are safe to do at home. Some mild peels include AHA peels or fruit peels. All you have to do is apply them on the skin and wait for the peeling to start.  Others, such as Phenols and TCA peels are deeper and stronger, requiring supervision and longer downtime. Once the skin completely peels off, you can continue with your typical skin care routine.

Dangers Of Peeling At Home

While doing your own skin peel at home is a good idea, there are some risks that come with it as well. Here are some of the dangers that arise from doing your own peel at home.

Using The Wrong Peel. One of the danger is improper use of peels. As there are many peeling creams and sets available in the market, you may not know which strength is best for your face, your arms or legs. For example, an uninformed individual you may end up buying a TCA Peel at 30% strength to use on your face, when a 10% strength peel would suffice. Likewise, you may be using a very mild peel on your legs and wonder why you don’t get results.

Little To No Care Information. Without the help of a professional, you may not get all the right information you need to properly do the peel. You may not also know what to do in case situations like allergic reactions or infections arise – or how to prevent them. Sure, you can find a lot of information online but take not that they are written NOT with your specific skin type or condition in mind. Effective and safe skin care instructions should come from somebody who knows has assessed and seen your skin.

Increased Risk Of Potential Skin Peeling Issues. Professional skin peeling is not without its own dangers. Even with doctor’s supervision, there are still possibilities of allergic reactions, scarring, intense pain, discoloration and the like. Proper product use and supervision during the peeling period lowers these risks. Unfortunately, these risks are higher when you do things at home. They do not happen to anyone, but the risk is still there.

What Should You Do?

Even with the risks, many people still like to do skin peeling at home since is easier. You do not have to make countless appointments and do not have to leave the house. Likewise, it is also cheaper because you only have to pay for the peeling agent. But is it a good idea? It can be, as long as you use the right product and follow proper procedure.

If you still insist in going DIY, one good thing that you can do is to speak visit your dermatologist and have him or her recommend the best peel for you. This way, even if you do the skin peel at home, you are ensured of the right product and the right care tips to follow. Click here to find out the best skin peeling options that you can consider.

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