Choosing The Right Facial Peel For You

If you think that your skin looks dull and ridden with dark spots, then a facial peel might just help improve the appearance of your skin. A facial peel is a type of cosmetic treatment that can be done by your dermatologist – or even by yourself at home. It can diminish the appearance of freckles, age spots, blemishes, or other types of skin irregularities. For mature women, it can also lessen wrinkles and crow’s feet.

Visit Your Dermatologist

Your dermatologist can determine the best type of facial peel for the condition of your skin. Here are examples of some facial peels that your dermatologist may use…

AHA Peel – this is probably one of the simplest peels done by dermatologists. For those who have not experienced facial peels before, this is probably the best one to try. This is a type of peel which uses hydroxy acid, and its main goal is to enhance and freshen up your skin. However, it does not go skin deep. This means that it may not address irregularities on the surface, such as dirt in your pores. On the upside, it is a mild peel and does not require any anesthesia. Many people like AHA peels because they are very mild on the skin. However, if you want a deeper peel this is not the one for you. I have personally tried this several times, and find it perfect during regular days or when I have plenty of work meetings, since I do not have to worry about peeling skin.

Croton Oil Peels – the complete opposite of the AHA Peel, Croton Oil peels are probably one of the harshest facial peeling processes that dermatologists use. This is used to remove all the wrinkles, fine lines, blotchiness and others. For those who want to include skin lightening in their peeling process, that is one of the side effects of this type of peel. A big downside is that it can be very painful, so they may not be recommended for those who have low pain threshold. Users who have tried many peels before still talk about the pain of Croton oil peels. Hydrocortisone cream and anti-histamine may be your best friend as your skin peels off.

Spanish Peels – this is a type of TCA peel which incorporates multivitamin infusion to the treatment. It is best for those people who have oily skin or large pores. Spanish peel can trigger skin rejuvenation, leaving you with glowing, younger-looking skin with noticeably smaller pores. However, this treatment is may only lightly improve deep scarring left by acne. The application of Spanish peel solution can sting your skin mildly, but the sensation is said to be tolerable.  Peeling happens several days after the application and can make the skin feel itchy and raw.

Glycolic Peels – these are derived from glycolic acid, which is usually found in sugarcanes. It promotes the growth of healthy skin by scraping off dead skin cells off the surface of your face. It is best on those who experience deep acne scars, sun-damage and the effects of aging. People usually experience a tingly sensation during the treatment, and the skin will start flaking two to three days after the treatment.

Jessner’s Peel – This peel combines lactic acid, 14% salicylic acid and resorcinol. This peels the skin mildly by targeting the upper layers of the skin. Although it will still cause the skin to flake, it is one of the lightest and effective peels available today.

TCA Peels – Also known as Trichloroacetic Acid Peels, TCA peels are chemical peels of medium strength. This can be used to repair skin discoloration, uneven skin textures, and can also minimize the appearance of fine lines. It can also be used to lessen the emergence of freckles and sunspots. TCA solutions will sting and hurt during application – and the aftermath is also itchy and irritating. This requires you to “rest” your face for at least a week, since it usually causes severe skin peeling or flaking after usage.

With so many peels available, there is definitely one for you! Ask your dermatologist or skin care specialist about the best cosmeceuticals that you can use and how you can properly use them to achieve and maintain beautiful skin.

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