The Cause of a Droopy Eyebrow after Botox Injections

One of the risks involved in taking Botox injections is droopy eyebrow. Firstly, your Botox injections can cause droopy eyebrow if you are given a little extra dose of the Botox. Though Botox injections can have amazing effects on your wrinkles, only the right amount of Botox has to be administered. It requires a lot of experience to administer the correct dose of Botox to their patients because each patient’s condition will be unique and each patient’s skin will require a different amount of Botox. Therefore, the Botox  experts cannot afford to administer the same amount of Botox to all the patients and to all parts of the body. If you do not want to see yourself with a droopy eyebrows, then you had better look for a  Botox expert with a considerable amount of experience.

The eyebrow muscles operate in an interesting way. They are formed of pair of muscles called frontalis and obicularis oculi. To give a graceful movement of our eyebrow and eyelids, they need to function in a highly balanced way. When one for the contracts, the other muscle has to relax if they do not, then it will distort the shape of the eyebrow. While treating near the eyebrow area, Botox should be administered carefully in muscles concerned. Wrong administration of Botox will result in droopy eyes.

The next reason why you can get droopy eyebrow after Botox is the placement of too much of Botox in the forehead region. Your Botox specialist therefore should also know how much of Botox to place in different parts of the treatment without disfiguring your face. Your face may show unusual bumps if they are not carefully administered on your face.

If your Botox specialist does not have enough experience in administering Botox injections to his or patients, they can inject it do deep that it gets into the muscle that raises the eyelid, this too can cause an ugly droop in your eyebrow.

The main purpose of going for a Botox injection is to make your face beautiful and make it look younger by removing the wrinkles. You spend money and go through a lot of trouble to have a beautiful face again. Imagine if after all that trouble if you end up with a droopy eyebrow that will make you look weird, how frustrated you would be. So never rush to pick your Botox London expert. Make sure to pick your physician after a close review. It is not enough that they be qualified and licensed; they should also be highly experienced.

If you happen to get droopy eyebrow, it is important that you get an appointment of your physician concerned and let him examine your eyebrows so that the next time he will carefully administer the injections. If you do not meet your physician, then he will not be able to see your droopy eye as the effect of Botox will wear out with time and your eyebrow will look normal.

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