Derma Roller – Medical Micro-needling

If you are looking for a natural process for repairing the scars and skin regeneration, there is an excellent method available today in the form of Titanium Derma Roller Medical Micro Needling Therapy. Derma Roller therapy is ideal for both skin regeneration and scar repair. Unlike laser treatments and medium and deep chemical peels, you will have to be prepared for longer recovery period and associated down time.

Titanium derma roller therapy does not use any foreign substances in the treatment as it triggers the natural process that helps the body to regenerate itself. This is one of the safest therapies. However this therapy has be given only by well trained and experienced aesthetic medical practitioners. Maximum effectiveness of the therapy can be realized only by an experienced therapist.

If you have been avoiding laser treatments and chemical peels because you have a darker skin shade, then you will not have to worry now. Titanium derma roller therapy is ideal for you even in the summer months. Moreover, the cost of titanium derma roller medical micro needling therapy will just be a fraction of the overall cost. Above all, it has a very minimal downtime.

In case of other resurfacing techniques, even the healthy epidermis is removed and this increases the downtime. Titanium derma roller medical micro-needling therapy creates several tiny puncture wounds to the dermis. This results in the production of new collagen and elastin as the body uses natural means to repair the punctures created. Here the healing time is amazingly fast.

Uses of Derma Rollers

You can make use of titanium derma roller therapy for reducing acne scars, regeneration of face, neck, décolleté, back of the hands, stretch mark removal on thighs and tummies, etc.

derma roller treatment

When compared to the other resurfacing methods, titanium derma roller is suitable for all types of skins; it does not cause any skin damage and no risk of permanent skin discolouration. Above all it is the safest method available and one of the cheapest method as well. This also an ideal method for those who are looking for a painless method. If you are a very busy person who cannot afford to take long breaks for recovery, then titanium derma roller therapy is meant or you.

Today may people prefer titanium derma roller therapy because they can see great results as short as one week though the process continues internally for a number of months after the therapy. With out without therapy, human skin regenerates itself every 40 days and when it is stimulated further through micro needling, amazing results are produced. One of the best things about titanium derma roller medical micro needling is that after the initial therapy further maintenance needling can be performed by you at home for continued maintenance. However it is very important that you learn exactly how to use the derma roller effectively for your skin type from a trained professional.

The CosMedocs Verdict:

This is a great device if used for the right client.  Almost everyone can benefit fit from it but if you have  active acne, dull, pigmented skin among other skin conditions then they should be looked at first.

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