Why You Should Only Have Dermal Fillers Done By Doctor/Nurse and Not a Beauty Therapist?

It’s been four or five years since the clash between beauty therapists and medical professionals on who should and should not be allowed to administer cosmetic injectables in the UK got in the limelight but only recently the government finally took action with a positive response. Medical professionals have won their case and only qualified doctors and nurses are now allowed to use Botox and Dermal Fillers. Our team of professional doctors celebrated this development at Cosmedocs as we were really concerned about the complications caused by these malpractices and have seen and treated a number of such cases ourselves. But still, there are many out in the market offering short courses to beauty therapists for using dermal fillers and we fear the malpractice won’t end so easy.

Are Doctors/Nurses greedy?

Beauty therapists are still fighting their case with arguments that doctors are monopolizing the industry and are trying to rob the patients through high cost treatments. They call doctors too much “greedy” for not letting anyone else share the bulk of money they are earning through these cosmetic injectable treatments. Such arguments might sound true to some but a little insight to the case shows just the opposite.

The Dermal Fillers Disasters

Doctors have been reporting a number of dermal fillers disaster cases where patients have to lose beauty, instead of wrinkles and lines, due to selection of wrong technique or agent or problem in procedure by unqualified practitioners. However, they have always been judged as being “greedy” and such reports weren’t taken as serious. Recently, however, a research study published the complications caused by dermal fillers and they report that

Majority of miserable outcome of dermal fillers are caused by wrong practices conducted by novice and unqualified practitioners

And if you are wondering what are those miserable outcomes were, here’s some cases in point:

Infectious bruises caused after few week of dermal filler injection

Another case of serious infection resulting in swollen and bruised thigh

Due to the use of silicon in the dermal fillers, this person has to suffer from severe pain and deformity in hand

The lips have gone asymmetrical, owing to another dermal filler malpractice

And this is a real serious case of skin necrosis. Due to injecting dermal filler in the angular artery, the
therapists have injured the blood vessels of the patient’s hand

So who’s greedy, one saving a medical practice going in wrong hands or the other doing it without much expertise just to earn a buck? The answer is clear

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