Some Recipes For Younger Lips

Women nowadays rarely leave their homes without lipsticks on. We can do away with eye shadows and blush, but rarely do we leave a lipstick, lip balm or gloss. It gives us that feel good feeling. However, using these products can cause your lips to become chapped or dry. The chemicals in these products along with the weather and temperature are usually to blame.

The market does have available products to save our lips from getting chapped, thin and having fine lines. But before opting for these products, let us check our own homes. Maybe there are some things within our own cupboard that could help our lips look younger.

For Chapped Lips

If you have chapped lips, then homemade exfoliator is the answer. Just mix 1 tablespoon of sugar, with coconut oil, cocoa butter or olive oil. Apply this exfoliant on your lips using a toothbrush with very soft bristles. Brush your lips for at most 30 seconds. Make sure you do not brush it too hard and for too long. The lips is delicate.

For Fine Lines

Massaging your lips with coconut oil can help lessen chances of having fine lines on your lips. Coconut oil is preferred because it is a great moisturizer. Along with massaging you can also try following some lip exercises to keep the muscles of the area taut and strong.

Rubbing your lips lightly with a dry toothbrush can also help stimulate good blood circulation making it plumper lessening the chances for fine lines to develop.

For those wrinkles around the lips, tomatoes, avocado and honey are a must try. Avocado on the other hand helps increase oil production thus making the skin look younger. Honey gives the same results as well. A slice of tomato on the wrinkled area for a minute or two will do, as well.

For Thin Lips

A homemade lip plumping mixture is the solution for this issue. If you have peppermint extract, ground red pepper, petroleum jelly, bee’s wax and a small jar to put the mixture then you’re good to go. Just mix a teaspoon of petroleum jelly with half a teaspoon of bee’s wax, add some ground red pepper, and two drops of peppermint extract. Mix them thoroughly and place it on a small jar so you can carry it with you. This homemade plumping mixture’s tingling feeling helps your lips swell making it plumper.

Above are just some tips on how to keep your lips look younger without having to spend a lot. Though there are a lot of products in the market that could work wonders for us, it’s never that bad to try doing things the natural way. You can also follow these ten tips for beautiful lips.

Most of these tips help keep your lips young, soft and smooth over time. However, if these do not work or if you need more help, you can always talk to your doctor. He can suggest the best products or treatments for plumper and younger lips.

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