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Cambridge is a famous city of England located on the River Cam. It is known for the world renowned the University of Cambridge which was founded during the 13th century. The city is a house to numerous historical colleges and universities located by the winding riverside. Among this historical beauty, our CosmeDocs Cambridge skin clinic will be located.

In Cambridge, our clinic will aim to offer the highly demanded and latest non-surgical cosmetic treatments to enhance the beauty of people and to improve their self-esteem and confidence. Our Cambridge skin clinic will be an upholder of our superior quality standards, safety, and care while delivering the non-surgical and some surgical aesthetic treatments. We will be addressing the ageing and skin concerns of the people in a best possible way.

CosmeDocs skin clinic Cambridge is proud of its team of highly esteemed, trained and experienced cosmetic doctors and surgeons who will ensure safe and effective delivery of aesthetic treatments in a comfortable and sterilized environment. Our staff will be trained to provide you with the desired guidance about the chosen aesthetic treatments.

Our skin clinic Cambridge will be equipped with a complete range of state-of-the-art equipment that would be necessary to carry out the advanced aesthetic procedures. Our experienced doctors will provide a comprehensive consultation session including an explanation of the procedure, advantages, side effects, risks and any complications, to the patients prior to the treatment which would allow the patient to take a well-informed decision regarding their aesthetic treatment. They will also provide suggestions as to which aesthetic treatment will compliment their profile. We believe that 'Honesty is the Best Policy' therefore, our doctors will provide truthful details about the desired aesthetic treatment.

Aesthetic Treatments Offered At Skin Clinic Cambridge

We will provide the extensive range of professional aesthetic treatments to treat numerous skin and ageing concerns all under one roof. These aesthetic treatments will fall broadly into the following categories:

There are several factors which cause our skin ageing. Though ageing is a natural process but it is further accelerated by intrinsic and extrinsic factors such as genetics, sun damage, lifestyle habits etc. All these factors cause a formation of lines and wrinkles, skin dullness, pigmentation, dryness and skin sagging. Our skin clinic Cambridge will assist you to combat these changes and restore your young and youthful appearance with natural and subtle changes through numerous non-surgical aesthetic treatments.

Skin Rejuvenation Treatments (for pigmentation , dull and dry skin, acne and acne scarring, rough skin texture and uneven tone): The initial signs of ageing are fine lines and wrinkles in the upper face. These become more pronounced due to sun damage accompanied by pigmentation, uneven skin tone, acne etc. At skin Clinic Cambridge, we offer a wide range of non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatments for addressing these skin concerns in a quick and effective way. We provide cosmeceuticals, chemical skin peel, microdermabrasion, micro needling, Lasers/IPL and Plasma Rich Platelet (PRP) Therapy. All these treatments will be performed by our team of professional, qualified and experienced cosmetic doctors with optimal results, minimum downtime, and few temporary side effects.

Treatment for dynamic wrinkles and lines: The first signs of ageing that appears around the age of 25 are the fine lines and wrinkles. The first lines to appear are the shallow expression lines which are formed while making facial expressions. These are formed as a result of muscle contractions and are noticeable on a forehead, between the brows, and around the eyes. The Botox Cambridge treatment is the best option for treating these dynamic lines and wrinkles. Our experts would deliver the botox Cambridge UK treatment with completely natural approach having no downtime and only a few temporary side effects. The results will subtle and natural yet will bring about noticeable changes in your facial appearance.

Treatment for static lines and wrinkles: Due to ageing the natural production of collagen and elastin within skin slows down while the skin loses its natural fullness and plumpness leading to the formation of deep lines and wrinkles. The skin becomes loose and begins to sag. The static lines and wrinkles do not improve with Botox Cambridge treatment.

For the treatment of static lines and loss of volume, dermal fillers Cambridge provides highly effective, quick and safe treatment while for skin sagging we will provide specialised PDO thread lift treatment at skin clinic, Cambridge.

We generally use hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers Cambridge which gives natural and subtle results with no downtime and minimal side effects.

Botox Cambridge injections are used for treating upper face wrinkles. This treatment can be combined with the dermal fillers for achieving complete facial rejuvenation which gives impressive results.

PDO thread lift treatment offered at our skin clinic Cambridge will be performed by our highly skilled cosmetic doctors who have complete command over administering the treatment. The thread lift treatment makes use of absorbable super-fine threads to lift the sagging and loose skin while stimulating collagen and elastin production. This not just lifts the skin but also restore its natural plumpness and smoothness. The treatment is minimally invasive with little downtime and few temporary side effects.

The process of facial ageing begins around the age of mid-20s when the face begins to lose its firmness and volume. Both internal and external factors cause facial ageing. Internal factors include genetics and the natural ageing process while the external factors include the sun exposure and other environmental factors plus your own lifestyle habits. All these factors together contribute towards facial ageing. Therefore, only the treatment of wrinkles is not enough to restore the younger smooth skin. The facial volume plays a crucial role in reinstating your youthful facial appearance.

At our skin clinic Cambridge, we will provide dermal fillers Cambridge treatment to provide the lost facial volume which restores its plumpness and smoothness. The lip fillers Cambridge are used for filling thin and small lips creating well-defined contours and natural plumpness.

Botox Cambridge treatment is used to remove the lines and wrinkles formed due to frequent muscle contractions which rejuvenate and refresh the facial appearance.

Sagging and loose skin can be effectively treated through the PDO thread lift treatment. Our experts are proficient at using the threads at precise locations to create a perfectly natural lifting and tightening effect. The threads also stimulate collagen and elastin production which produce natural firmness in the skin. The results of the treatment last for up to 3 years.

Botox Cambridge is not only effectively used for treating cosmetic concerns but is also a highly effective drug for treating several medical conditions. At our skin clinic Cambridge, we will also be providing specialised medical treatments for some of the common medical conditions which include the following:

Migraines/Headaches: Migraine headaches are the severe throbbing pain in just one side of the head that lasts for several hours or days accompanied by sensory signs such as vomiting, light sensitivity, etc. These are recurrent headaches that paralyze the life of the patient. Botox Cambridge treatment offers effective relief from this painful condition by decreasing the frequency and the number of days of headaches. Our competent doctors possess the expertise of injecting botox at the precise sites across the neck, head, and shoulders which provide effective relief from the migraine headaches with minimal side effects and little downtime.

Bruxism/TMJ Disorders: Bruxism and TMJ both are different problems. Teeth grinding or clenching is referred to as Bruxism while TMJ can develop as a result of bruxism. It is a tension in the jaw joint. It causes severe pain, headaches, earaches, and wear and tear of teeth. We will provide Botox Cambridge injection treatment for relieving the symptoms of Bruxism which provides relief from jaw pain with minimal downtime and only a few temporary side effects.

Excessive Sweating/Hyperhidrosis: It is a condition that is caused due to the hyperactivity of the sweat glands. The patients experience excessive sweating even in normal temperatures and conditions. The condition mainly targets face, armpits, hands and feet. Botox Cambridge treatment is highly effective in controlling the hyperactivity of sweat glands by disabling their function for a period of 3-5 months. This treatment enables the patients to lead a confident and satisfied life.

At skin clinic Cambridge, we will ensure that every treatment is designed keeping in view the needs of individual clients that will ensure delivery of outstanding results safely and effectively.


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