Non Surgical Treatments

Popular Injectables

Anti-Wrinkle Treatments (Botox)

Glabella | Forehead | Crow’s Feet Visit Page
1 Area £175
2 Areas £225
3 Areas £275
Additional Small Areas £25
Supplement for men £50
Platysma Neck Cords £200
Nefertiti Face Uplift (see below)

Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers Treatment
For Lines, Wrinkle Folds
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Teosyal (Swiss) 1.0ml £275
Teosyal (Swiss) 0.5ml £225
Juvederm | Restylane | Perlane From £275
For Frown Lines & Crows Feet Visible at Rest £250-275
Filler Dissolution More than one session may be required £250

Lip Enhancement

 Advanced dermal filler procedures Visit Page
Lip Enhancement £275-£350

Non Surgical Nose Job

 Advanced dermal filler procedures Visit Page
Non Surgical Nose Job Treaatment £400

Chin Enhancement

 Advanced dermal filler procedures Visit Page
 Chin Enhancement Treatment £350

Cheek Enhancement

 Advanced dermal filler procedures Visit Page
 Hyaluronic Acid (1 ml)  £300
 Hyaluronic Acid (2 ml)  £550
 Hyaluronic Acid (3 ml)  £700

Under Eye Circles (Tear Trough)

 Advanced dermal filler procedures Visit Page
Hyaluronic Acid Filler £350
PDO Threads £450

Facial Uplift Treatments

Nefertiti Face Lift (Botox Only)

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8 Point Face Lift (Dermal Fillers Only)

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 Teosyal £650
 Juvederm  £1,050

11-Point Face Lift (Botox & Dermal Fillers)

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 Teosyal £1,000
 Juvederm £1,200

PDO Face & Neck Thread Lifts

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Face/Jaw Line Lift £2250
Face, Jawline, Neck From £3000
Neck Lift & Rejuvenation £700-£1000
Eyebrow Lift £600
Tear Trough (Under eye circles) £350
Tear Trough & Eyebrow Lift £900

Face & Body Contouring

Non Surgical Jaw Reduction Treatment

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 Female  £300
 Male  £350

Calf Reduction

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 Non Surgical Calf Reduction  £500

Aqualyx Fat Reduction

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 Aqualyx - Non Surgical Fat Dissolving Treatment  Price on Consultation (POC)

Cos-Medical Treatments

Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating)

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 Underarms £500
 Forehead From £350
 Palms £500
 Scalp From £500
 Feet £450
 Other areas POC


 Non Surgical Treatment for Bruxism/TMJ Visit Page
 Female From £300
 Male From £350

Migraines / Headaches

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From £300-500

Rosacea & Blushing

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Medspa Treatments

Medical Facials

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 CosmeDocs Signature Med-Facial £125

Peel To Reveal By Harley Street Formulations

 Peel To Reveal Treatment Visit Page
Combo Peel and Skin Brightening £120 popular

Skin Peels

Glycolic Peels | Enzyme Peels | Salicylic (Acne) Peels Visit Page
 1 Course £75
 2 Course £125
 3 Course £150
 4 Course £175
 Perfect Peel 1 Course £350
 Perfect Peel with Booster £400
Peel To Reveal By Harley Street Formulations
 1 Course £120
 2 Course £240


  Visit Page
1 Session £75
 3 Sessions £200

Derma Roller

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1 Session £250
 3 Sessions £700

E-Dermastamp (electronic dermaroller)

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1 Session £250
 3 Sessions £700

Acne Treatments

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  POC for package

Facial Thread Veins

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  From £ 75 (depending on severity)

Prescription Skin Care

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Leg Veins (Spider/Thread Vein)

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  From £ 400 per leg

Skin Tag Removal

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  From £100 for 5 tags

Semi Permanent Make-Up

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  See web page

Teeth Whitening

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IPL | Laser Hair Removal

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Cosmetic Surgery

Face & Body Contouring

Vaser Ultrasound Liposuction

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Please see Body Contouring

SmartLipo Laser Liposuction

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Vaser (main area) £2500
Each additional area £500 - £800

Breast Surgery (Female)

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Breast Augmentation / Implants From£4150 (lifetime guarantee implants)
Breast Lift £5100
Breast Augmentation & Lift (POC)
Breast Reduction From£5300
Encapsulation £4500
Change of Implants £5800
Inverted Nipples £2400

Male Breast Surgery

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Male Breast Reduction £3500

Facial Surgery

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Ear Reshaping

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Body Procedures

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Penile Enlargement

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Hair Medicine & Transplant

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 FUE Hair Transplant From £4500