Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy of administers the methods in which it gathers, maintains, reveals and then uses the information collected from the users of the Their privacy policy is applicable to all of the product and services provided by


Methods of gathering your personal information:

There are numerous channels to gather the personal data of the users and is stated below:

  1. Contacting via phone call, SMS, email or any other medium
  2. Ask for the individual’s information
  3. Give appointment for consulting session
  4. Filling the online surveys or forms available in the clinic
  5. Subscribing to an email or Newsletter
  6. Then filling the contact us forms
  7. Downloading online magazines
  8. Having a word of mouth with any friend or relatives.
  9. Asking for a return call from
  10. Careers job page application form
  11. Paying for the services
  12. Requesting for refund
  13. Sharing information with through third-party permission i.e. Facebook, Instagram etc.
  14. Rating or reviewing for the services availed
  15. Through the emails that sent to its users
  16. Getting connected via social media

How that personal info is being used by

Few illustrations of meaningful uses of user’s personal information are listed below:

  • To provide the greatest customer care services and support
  • Serving individuals on the right time.
  • Ensuring that their problem is resolved within the limited time.
  • Assisting them to make a useful decision
  • Aligning themselves with the best standards of services.
  • Analyzing & processing the data to provide best in class service.
  • As past records are important, so keeping track of it in order to serve individuals with the best
  • Making sure that its users are up-to-date about and their upcoming campaigns
  • Making payments and handling repayment dues
  • Providing notices about user’s next appointments
  • Reverting back, if it is needed about any problem raised by its users
  • Ensuring that individuals are correctly informed and updated, helping them to make the timely & accurate decision

Why user’s personal data is gathered by

In order to provide its individual’s with the best possible experience of services on their very first attempt, it is essential to gather their personal info.

Sharing personal data

Users’ belief and confidence is very essential to has established a name as a trustworthy company in the industry and therefore wants to maintain this position. Therefore, it is believed that people should be informed about how an individual’s particular data is handled. In order to keep users personal info confidential under any situations, Privacy Policy has been created.

Though, for un-interrupted regular business schedule, might use the services of third parties. In order to get through with all such tasks, may share some non-sensitive personal information (e.g. their contact numbers, email etc.) with the companies are working with. These are highly certified companies that are selected very sensibly to make sure the security of user’s personal data. These third parties include the following entities:

  • Social media forums like Instagram, Facebook, and others. Only if you permit them by accepting cookies while visiting website
  • The analytics partners who give the insights about its users of how to serve them best.
  • Companies that make sure the effective and timely communication between and its users.
  • The IT support companies looking after the website and other business systems


  • The personal data sharing is only the needed requirement against the services want from them.
  • This personal data is used for the specific purpose already mentioned in the contact form.
  • Another use of this confidential data that is not stated in the contract is severely not permissible and if done will be considered as a breach of contract.

The need of Non-personal information may gather some non-personal ID information about the users whenever they visit The non-personal ID information may comprise of the browser name, the IP address of the computer and other technical information about user’s medium of connection to the website.

Why Web browser Cookies is needed?

Cosmedocs may use “cookies” to improve their user experience. User’s web browser puts cookies on their hard drive for keeping records and to track information about them.

The user may opt to set their web browser to reject cookies, or too aware them when cookies are being sent. If they do so, keep in mind that some parts of the website may not work accurately.

Why knowing your rights is essential?

Data security is a basic right and Cosmedocs respect that. Following are some valuable information that is related to your rights to data privacy.

  1. Amendment of inappropriate data: The right to correct the inaccurate data. We are inevitable to correct and then update it.
  2. Access to personal data: The right to access personal data that we have gathered about you.
  3. Stop the processing or removal of data: The right to stop processing or deleting the data. So we will respect your request.
  4. Withdrawal of consent: You have the right to withdraw from the agreement that one has given us in writing.
  5. Stop direct marketing: The right to end the data used for the purpose of direct marketing. We shall obey your request.


If we are officially pleased or have a strong case to submit your request, we shall be enduring by your request unless otherwise stated.

Stopping promotional messages

You can stop the irritating and annoying messages by using any of the below methods available.

  1. Unsubscribe from marketing emails: You can unsubscribe by clicking the “unsubscribe” button mentioned in our marketing emails.
  2. Ask us to assist you in unsubscribing: You can also ask us directly via email to unsubscribe the services.

Until there is any problem that might take a few days for your un-subscription to complete, you have to bear receiving these annoying marketing advertisements. Well, we usually process the requests instantly.

If you plan to subscribe again to our marketing promotions, then call us and let our team know that you want to re-subscribe the service. We will email you and with a single click and you will start receiving our marketing emails again.


The above-stated process will only slab emails that are irrelevant to appointments or payment validation. And medical rehabilitation and you might still be receiving emails from our clinic team e.g. appointments confirmation email.

Information of children:

Children, such as adults, also have data privacy rights and we do not plan to gather information on children under the age of 16. Hence, if you think that we have some data on children under the age of 16 you can as us to delete the personal data.

Right to change the Privacy Policy has the choice to alter this privacy policy at any time. When we do, we will inform you by any contact means. We ask users to regularly check this page for any alterations to stay updated about how we are assisting to safeguard the personal information that we gathered. You allow and agree that it is your duty to check this privacy policy sometimes and become aware of any changes.

Acceptance of these terms and rules

By using our website, you mean that you accepted this policy. Your continued visit to the website resulting in the posting of changes to this policy will be considered as your approval of those changes.

Contact us

Regarding any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at:

10 Harley Street London, W1G9PF United Kingdom