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As we age, our face starts developing wrinkles and fine lines. In some people, the effect of ageing is more prominent and dominating which give then older appearance as compared to other people of same age. Factors that increase wrinkles, especially in the upper face include excessive repetitive expression such as habits of frowning, raising the eyebrows. Other factors such as prolonged sunlight exposure leads to excessive squinting leading to early development of lines around the eyes called crow’s feet. Thanks to the advancement in medicine and discovery of new non-surgical aesthetic treatments, it has become quite easy to alleviate and reduce the signs of ageing by using Botox treatment.

Botox is neuropeptide approved by FDA for use in aesthetic treatments. These wrinkle relaxing injections have been extensively used for treating wrinkles, fine lines and for reduction of exaggerated facial features. Millions of treatments using Botox have been performed in the USA & UK. It’s been used for treating numerous ailments for more than two decades, now. Due to its property of neural inhibition Botox injections offer safe, highly effective, quick acting and easy treatment option for variety of conditions not just for cosmetic treatments but for other different medical conditions. According to one of the study conducted on the application of Botox in the non-cosmetic treatment of neck and head conditions.

Botox Treatment The study found positive effects of the Botox treatment (Persaud,R., Garas,G., Silva,S. (2013). An evidence based review of Botulinum Toxin (Botox) applications in non-cosmetic head and neck conditions.

JRSM Short Rep. 2013 Feb; 4(2): 10.)

Another prospective study conducted to evaluate how the long-term and repeated injections of Botulinum help in improving the motor function of the children having cerebral palsy. The results showed that Botox injections have long-term effects on the gross motor functioning of the children having cerebral palsy

(Valevski,A.F., Domenievitz,D.,Giladi, N., J Child Orthop. 2008 Feb; 2(1): 29–35.)

There are many other studies which have established the effectiveness of botulinum toxin in treating numerous medical conditions with positive results.

We are proud to have a professional, qualified and highly trained team of cosmetic doctors and surgeons with accumulative experience of tens of thousands of Botox / Dysport / Azzlaure / Bocouture / Vistabel procedures. Our staff is experienced and well-trained in providing the patients with Botox treatment for wrinkles and lines by using the gentle injecting techniques which make the procedure very comfortable with minimum side effects.

It is common misconception that botox anti-wrinkle injections are popular only among females. Though females certainly do discuss about it openly, men are equally showing interest in improving and enhancing their facial profiles. Men have different level of facial muscles and thickness as compared to women who have different aesthetic enhancement goals.

As the facial muscles and skin of men is thicker than women, they might need slightly more of Botox to achieve the desired results. The most popular areas of treatment with Botox in men are frown lines and area along the forehead while majority of women look for a treatment of frown lines, crow’s feet, bunny lines and neck cords.

The reasons why men and women desire to have Botox treatment are almost the same. At CosmeDocs, both men and women are seeking the cosmetic benefits of Botox because in some it helps to improve their social status while in others it is essential to remain competitive at their office or workplace. Some demand it for their own satisfaction, to quench their desire of always looking young and attractive.

Baby Botox or Microtox is specially designed advanced Botox injections technique which is used for the clients who demand a more natural and subtle changes in their facial profile. BabyTox treatment is also highly popular and demanded by those clients who are undergoing first Botox anti-wrinkle treatment or by ones who are working in a media or fashion industry which constantly need them to maintain their natural and youthful expression in a natural and delicate manner.

The production of collagen declines in the facial areas which are continuously creasing. This is the reason that with ageing the wrinkles permanently sets in the creased areas. When botox is injected into that area it relaxes the muscles that cause wrinkles which gives time to the body to produce collagen which helps in reducing those lines.

When Baby Botox is injected in small amounts into the upper skin layer called ‘dermis’ and into the superficial layer of facial muscles, it relaxes the outermost layer of muscles while diffusing into sebaceous and sweat glands. This slows down the movement of muscles in the superficial layer which creates wrinkles without effecting the movement of deep muscles, giving a more natural and soft appearance. This does not create a ‘frozen’, ‘expressionless’ or ‘over-botoxed’ look.

The additional advantage of Baby Botox is decreased sweating and production of sebum which is a cause of reduction in skin sheen and open pores.

Majority of the people choose the Baby Botox treatment for the common treatment areas such as frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead. They want this treatment in order to retain their remaining muscle movements for more natural expressions along with the skin smoothness which is offered by Microtox.

During your initial consultation session at CosmeDocs for Botox anti-wrinkle treatment, your specialist will tailor a completely individualized treatment plan. Your specialist practitioner will pay special attention to the meticulous details on your face such as eyebrow position, upper eyelid skin hooding, and will select the most suitable treatment & dose that will fulfil your individualized requirements. Please see below for possible treatment options.

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