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Eye Wrinkles Treatment

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Treatment Summary

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  • Treatment Results

    Results | Duration

    2-3 Weeks | 4-6Months

  • Treatment Procedure Time

    Procedure Time

    20 Minutes

  • Treatment Risk and Complications

    Risk & Complications

    Allergic Reactions, Bruises, Swelling, Eyebrow/eyelid dropping asymmetry

  • Full recovery from treatment

    Full Recovery

    No Downtime

  • Back to Work from Treatment

    Back To Work


The lines and creases that form at the lateral sides of the eye are referred to as ‘crow’s feet’. There are different contributing factors in the formation of these lines like laughing, ageing, sun exposure, squinting etc. The dynamic lines can be easily and effectively treated with Botox anti-wrinkle treatment which stops them from turning into static wrinkles and lines.

The static lines which appear due to ageing and sun damage needs some additional treatments along with Botox like dermal fillers, PDO threadlift, chemical peels or laser resurfacing.

Treatment options: the creases around and under the eye amplifies the ageing appearance, dark circles and reflects tiredness. The botox eye-wrinkle treatment involves 3-4 botox injections which are injected on each side of the eyes. This targets the lateral part of the muscle responsible for squinting which helps in reduction of crow’s feet and lifts the end part of eyebrows. Deeper lines that are not resolved with botox may require dermal fillers for further improvement.


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