One of the most common and popular cosmetic surgery procedures performed in UK is breast augmentation surgery with more than 11,135 treatments conducted only in 2013. According to one of the estimates, above 30,000 breast implant procedures are performed every year in UK (NHS, UK). Permanent breast augmentation surgery is a surgical prosthesis that is used for modifying the shape, size, form and texture of the woman’s breast.

Why use breast implants?

There can be three major purposes for the use of breast implants;

  • Reconstruction of breast usually after mastectomy ( the surgical breast remover as a result of breast cancer)
  • For correcting the genetic deformities or defects of the chest wall.
  • Aesthetic ( for enhancing the shape, size and form of the breast to enhance the body features)

Who can benefit from breast augmentation surgery?

Adult women belonging to any age group can take advantage of breast augmentation surgery, as it helps in increasing the size of breasts and restore its plumpness while improving the balance of your entire body figure. Moreover, the women’s ability to breast feed usually remains unaffected by the breast surgery.

The breast surgery procedure may include the following;
breast Implants

  • Reduction of asymmetry
  • Enlargement of breast
  • Revision of breast implant
  • Breast uplift
  • Correction of inverted nipples

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Types of Breast implants used for surgery

Breast Tightening TreatmentThe implants used for breast augmentation surgery are artificial implants. In the UK, usually two common types of breast implants are used;

  • Saline Breast Implants: these implants are filled with sterilized salt water. In case a saline implant rupture or leak, the saline water is naturally absorbed in the body and discharge by natural body processes.
  • Silicone Gel Implants: Silicone gel is filled up in these implants. The silicone gel gives a more natural feeling of breast tissues. If the silicone breast implants leaks, the gel may not leave the implant shell or may escape into the pocket of breast implant. It is unlikely that the silicone gel filled implant collapse after it leaks.

Types of Breast Surgery

Breast surgery is also called mammoplasty which makes use of surgical procedures. In these procedures, the breasts are reshaped to give them the required appearance. It is further divided into two types;

  • Mammoplasty for breast enhancement: it is done for increasing the size of breasts by using the surgical implants.
  • Mammoplasty for breast reduction: it is done for reducing the size of the breasts and involves removal of breast tissues.

Consultation before Breast Surgery

It is mandatory to have a comprehensive consultation session with your aesthetic surgeon. During the session you can discuss and tell the doctor whether you want to have breast implant or breast reduction surgery. Your cosmetic doctor will provide you with complete guidance about each and every step of the procedure. The cosmetic surgeon will also discuss whether you are a right candidate for the implants or not, the types of implants that can be used, size, and shape and placement options along with the risks involved. You will also be advised about how the breast enhancement surgery will bring improvement in the appearance of your breasts and how it will contribute towards your overall body shape. The main of the consultation is to provide you with complete information and guidance about the breast enhancement procedure in a careful manner.

Breast Surgery Treatment Procedure

The procedure of breast surgery can be performed either in the hospital, doctor’s clinic where surgical facilities are available or in the surgical facility. As breast enhancement is a surgical procedure it entails the use of general anaesthesia. The procedure is performed in a completely hygienic and sterilized environment. Depending on the type of surgery and individuals conditions, the surgery procedure can take up one to several hours. The patient is required to stay at the medical facility after the surgery for a day or two depending on the recovery and general health of the patient.

cosmedocs operating theatre

What to expect after breast surgery?

The patients are prescribed pain killers for relieving pain after the effects of the anaesthesia fades away. You need to have someone, a friend or a family member, to stay with your after the surgery for at least 24 hours. You should not drive, take alcohol, do some activity or resume your daily routine for 24 hours.

Your surgeon may suggest you to wear a support bra and will provide you with an aftercare advice. Follow it closely! The stitches will take a week or so to recover depending on the type of stitches used.

The risks involved in the breast surgery are similar to any other surgical procedure. Some common side effects include swelling, pain and hardness in the breasts. These conditions are temporary and subside in few days or in a week. It may take few weeks for bruising and discomfort to go away. The scarring takes almost 3-4 months to fade.

The complications particularly associated with the breast surgery are quite rare but these may include: rupture or leakage of breast implant, infection, inflammation, formation of ripples or folds, complications in breast feeding, necrosis , seroma, ptosis , deformation of breast, formation of abnormal scar tissues and loss of sensation in breast skin and nipple area.

The cost of surgery depends on the type of breast surgery as well as on the types of implants used for enhancement. To have complete information about pricing and cost kindly check our prices tab.

Can the breast implants filled with saline, harden?

Yes, this can happen. The Capsular contracture can harden both the silicone-gel filled as well as saline-filled implants. It happens due to the formation of scar tissues surrounding the implant.

What are the differences between smooth mammary implants and textured mammary implants?

The main difference between the two is that of the outer surface of the implant shell which can be either smooth or textured. The surface of textured implants is like sand paper while that of smooth implants is like balloon. The smooth implants have thin shells and are free to move in implant pocket. This gives them a more natural feel. These implants are also less likely to crease or fold. Texture implants of the other hand, are likely to lessen the risk of capsular contracture but it’s not a proven fact, yet. One of a particular kind of implant shape, called tear-shaped or anatomical implant, is found only in the textured implants because the textured surface aids in keeping these curved implants at their place. It takes longer for the textured implants to take the natural position of the breast as compared to the smooth implants. This gives a relatively high position to the breasts on the chest.

What is the difference between round implants and contoured breast implants?

There are numerous shapes of breast implant available but two primary types of implants are round and contoured ( shaped or anatomical) implants.

Contoured implants give more natural appearance and shape to your breasts because they remain on the top rather than at the bottom. Therefore, if these implants move from their place then a revision surgery may be required. Some of the contoured implants like tear drop are textured which prevents this circular movement.

Round implants on the other hand are round in shape from the front and flat from the back therefore they do not alter their shape during movement.

If you are looking for a super model like look with big sized and sharp-edges then you can choose round implants while if you want to have a more natural appearance then you can choose to have contoured implants. You need to consult with your cosmetic surgeon about your preferences who will guide you in a better way.

How much is the life of breast implant?

According to the estimates of Institute of Medicine, the average life of breast implant is 16 years. Conditional guarantees are offered by the implant manufacturers like Allergen and Mentor. Every implant comes with a certain serial number by the company for identification. You will most probably be provided with the sticker of implant serial number in your postoperative care pack. You can keep it safe for a warranty in case the implant rupture. It only covers the cost of the implant and not of the breast surgery. You can also choose to buy an additional coverage from the insurance company.

Is there a possibility of fungus growing in the saline-filled implant?

This occurs in extremely rare cases. The saline filled inside the saline implants is sterilized. In the past, the cosmetic surgeons used to employ the open technique for implant filling which had possibilities of fungal infection but now they make use of a closed technique for filling the implant. This techniques helps is eliminating the possibilities of fungal contamination.

In the closed technique, the saline is directly injected from the bag into the breast implant without any exposure to air. So it is highly unlikely that it gets contaminated inside the body.

What are the available options for breast implants?

There are two kinds of implants that are approved by FDA; saline filled and silicone filled breast implants. These both kinds of implants are basically the wraps or covering that are later on filled with the silicone gel or saline water. There are other types of breast implants available in the market such as form-stable or gummy bear implants but they are still under study.

Are the breast implants filled with silicone safe?

Yes, they have been approved by FDA to be safe for the breast implants.

Are there any expandable breast implants?

Yes, there are expandable implants which can be adjusted in their size by adding additional saline by using a specialized port or valve. Basically, these implants were meant for those women who had their breast cancer surgery but they may also be used for the breast enhancement for aesthetic purposes.

The size of these implants is increased or decreased by injecting saline or drawing it out through a special valve that is already placed underneath the skin where the implant was inserted through breast surgery. Due to this, women can experiment with the size of their breasts without a need for revision breast surgery.

Which breast implant is ideal for me?

It depends on your needs and requirements. You can discuss in your initial consultation with the cosmetic surgeon what kind of shape, size and form do you want for your breast. You consultant will recommend the appropriate implant for your breast.

What is an ‘ideal’ breast implant?

It is actually an implant brand that purports to provide with a kind of hybrid implant that possess the qualities of both saline and silicone breast implants. Apparently, it from outside, it has an appearance of saline implant but the edges are contoured so that it fix better with the wall of the chest. From insides, it possesses additional series of implant shells that are placed close together for reducing bouncing and the risk of rupture. It’s only available for conducting clinical trials, yet.

Is there a possibility of rupture of breast implants during mammography?

Yes, there is a possibility of rupture. This can happen when the increased pressure in the breast enfeeble the breast implant but do not make it a cause of avoiding mammography. Before the mammography, tell the technician about the breast implants you have so that he or she will be extra cautious about it.

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