Many people are not satisfied with the appearance of their ears due to congenital deformities. Some common deformities includea symmetrical, protruding, large or drooping low ears. These conditions are possible to improve with the ear surgery also called ‘Otoplasty’. It can bring about dramatic improvements in an appearance of a person.

Otoplasty or ear reshaping surgery is a facial cosmetic surgery procedure that is used to improve the external shape of both or one ear. Otoplasty may include ear pinning back, reduction of ear or ear lobe or reshaping of various bends in cartilage. Other ear reconstruction procedures involve giving shape to the deformed ear or absent ears. Ear surgery procedure can include reshaping, removing, adding or moving any structural component of ears.

Types of Ear surgery

  • Ear pinning surgery: This surgery is generally done for the cosmetic purposes. Ear pinning surgery is used for positioning ears closer to the head sides. This is a fusion technique that combines removal of skin from the ears back along with cartilage sparing and scoring technique, to create a natural looking shape of the ear.
  • Reconstructive ear surgery/ Augmentative ear surgery: this type of ear surgery is a type of otoplasty that is used for correcting the ear deformities due to injuries. It is generally used for correction of Microtia that is a congenital ear defect that happens in about 3 out of every 10,000 births. There is variety of reconstructive techniques used in this type of ear surgery for recreation of natural looking human ear. In some of the cases, the cartilage is removed from the ribs of the patient to enhance the ear and to help it in achieving a more natural appearance.
  • Bilateral Otoplasty: Some of the patients have cosmetic concerns about their both ears. In bilateral otoplasty, ear pinning and reshaping surgery is conducted on both ears. It makes use of the same techniques and procedure as that of single ear Otoplasty.
  • Ear Reduction Surgery: Some patients have large ears rather than having protruded ears. Ear reduction surgery is performed to reduce the size of large ears to give them more natural appearance. In this ear surgery, unwanted ear cartilage and skin is removed and ear is reshaped to give a more natural, smaller and proportional size. It is often performed with ear pinning surgery.

Ideal candidates for Ear Surgery

Anyone who feel uncomfortable with the shape, size and appearance of their ears and is in good health can undergo Otoplasty or ear reshaping surgery. In addition, people having deformed ears due to some trauma or injury can also undergo Otoplasty. There are some children who are born with defective ears. They are also an ideal candidate for reconstructive ear surgery.

Conditions that are treated through Ear Surgery/Otoplasty

Generally, people who are not satisfied with the appearance of their ears can take advantage of ear pinning surgery. Ears can have certain anomalies medically in regard to the size, shape and appearance of the ears. People who have any of such conditions can undergo surgical or non-surgical ear pinning back.

  • Overgrown Cartilage: In some people the outer extended part of the ear called pinna, is wider in size as compared to rest of the ear giving an extended look to the ears. It is made up of soft cartilage and this condition is due to an overgrown cartilage.
  • Undersized cartilage: It is almost an opposite of the extended or overgrown pinna. Some people have an under-developed portion of cartilage in pinna. This is due to the reason that the cartilage fails to form folds during the early developmental stages. Due to this reason, the outer ear edge remains protruding out instead of bending inwards towards head.
  • Trauma/ Injury: sometimes trauma or injury can damage the ear or alter its shape. With the help of Otoplasty traumatic ear bending can be effectively treated. In case of injury, the ears may appear widely stuck out and disproportionate to the other facial features. This can also be corrected through ear pinning surgery.

Ear Fold Treatment

Ear Fold treatment offers quick, advanced, safe and effective ear reshaping. It is a non-surgical procedure that is conducted by making minimally invasive incisions. Then ear implants are placed inside the ear and given best possible position which allows the patients to exercise complete control over the shape of their ears leading towards ear pinned back.

In general, ear surgery takes about 2 hours. Depending on the individuals, it local or general anaesthesia can be given during the surgery. As we are specialist in performing minimally invasive treatment procedures, we endeavour to conduct Otoplasty under the effect of local anaesthesia, but will only use the method that will be suitable to your individual case.

There are two different methods that are employed for ear pinning or ear reshaping. These include;

  • Cartilage scoring technique: This ear reshaping technique involves creation of incision in the cartilage in order to rearrange, remove or add the tissues. In this technique, the risk of scarring is greater.
  • Cartilage sparing technique: in this technique sutures and stitches are used for changing the position and shape of the ear. This ear pinning surgery is non-invasive that often gives smooth and natural looking ear curves.

Downtime and Recovery

The patient can leave for home on the same day of surgery. The recovery period is at least 1 week which may vary from patient to patient. The patient’s are advised not to do any strenuous exercise for at least 5 weeks and should be protected from sun for 1 year.

Side Effects

The risks associated with Otoplasty may include, but are not limited to:

  • Problems related to anaesthesia
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • In rare cases, a stitch used to secure the ear will work its way to the surface and will have to be removed

Price Cost

The ear pinning surgery cost varies from patient to patient depending on the types of modifications required in the ear. Your cosmetic surgeon will discuss the cost during an initial consultation session. For more information about pricing you can check our price tab or can contact us directly.

The pictures given in this section shows the patients who have had ear pinning or ear reshaping treatment at CosmeDocs. You can see the clear difference in before and after pictures. The after pictures show well-shaped and symmetrical ears that are in harmony with the facial profile.

What is meant by Otoplasty?

In literal terms, Otoplasty means ‘re-shaping or re-formation of ears’. Although in general it is used for describing the ear pinning back procedure of protruding and large ears, it is also used for referring to the surgical correction of several ear anomalies and deformities.

What is the purpose of Ear Surgery?

Ear Surgery (Otoplasty) can be performed for cosmetic reasons or it can also be done for reconstruction of any deformity in the ear and restore it back to its natural appearance. In both the cases, ear surgery is conducted for improving the shape, size, position or proportion of ear or ears.

Am I good candidate for ear surgery?

The ear deformity can cause emotional as well as behavioural distress in both children and adults. Children having large ears are often taunted with different names. Children and adults who are not satisfied with the prominence, size and shape of their ears are good candidates for ear surgery.

Having prominent ears is an inherited condition?

Yes, in about 59% of the protruding ears cases, the affected people have hereditary connections.

What are the risks involved in ear surgery (Otoplasty)?

Otoplasty does not pose any major complications and risks however there is no surgical procedure that is without risk factors. During the initial consultation, cosmetic surgeon will discuss all of your concerns and possible side effects of the treatment which will help in minimizing the risks. Although in rare cases, the patients may experience infection, bleeding, asymmetry, ear shifting and unwanted scarring of tissues.

How long the results of the ear reshaping surgery (Otoplasty)?

All types of ear surgery give permanent results and majority of the patients feel comfortable and satisfied with the results of the surgery. In some cases, additional adjustments may be needed.

How long does ear pinning surgery lasts?

Usually, the surgery takes 2-3 hours to complete. If case is complicated it may take longer.

When can children have the ear surgery?

By the time child reach 5 years of age ear structure is fully grown and developed so if any deformity is detected at this age, surgery can be undertaken anytime after it.

How should I prepare for my ear surgery?

All the pre-operative instructions will be given and discussed during the consultation session with the cosmetic surgeon. You will be asked about your medical history and any medications you might be taking.

Which type of ear surgery will prove best for my ears condition?

This can be determined only by close examination of your ears and what concerns you have about your ears. Our cosmetic surgeon will suggest you the best options after careful examination and assessment of your ears and any deformity.