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Facial Thread Veins Causes and Treatment Options

Thread veins are minute veins or capillaries that become visible under the skin. They usually appear under the skin of cheeks, nose and legs.

These tiny veins are red in colour but somewhat larger veins appear to be purplish. They are referred to with different names such as ‘spider veins’, ‘broken veins’ or ‘capillaries’. In normal conditions, these tiny veins are invisible in the skin but in some individuals they permanently dilate and start showing off through the skin. The medical term used for this specific condition is called ‘telangiectasia’.

Most of the facial thread veins which appear on the face are harmless but they may create uncomfortable feelings among people about their looks and appearance.

Types of Facial Thread Veins

There are three main types of facial thread veins;

  • Blood Spots
  • Red Thread Veins
  • Spider Veins

These facial thread veins can either appear to form a fine web of thread veins or as red spots having veins on them. Generally, these broken veins appear around the nose or on the cheeks. The patient effecting from these veins seem to be blushing and these veins show in red, purple or blue colours.

Device for Facial Thread Veins Treatment

Causes of Facial Thread Veins

There are different causes of facial thread veins that include the following;

  • These veins can be caused by the excessive sun exposure over the course of life.
  • Too much exposure to extreme temperatures and windy weather can also cause facial thread veins.
  • They may also be caused due to genetics as well as due to hormonal changes as during pregnancy or oestrogen treatment.
  • Ageing can cause the appearance of facial thread veins because with increasing age veins lose their elasticity as collagen production decreases resulting in their permanent dilation.
  • Another common cause of Facial thread veins, especially in the fair skinned community like in UK, is a condition known as Rosacea. In UK, almost every 1 women in 10 suffers from this condition which is further aggravated by excessive alcohol intake and smoking.

Who develop facial thread veins?

As we age, majority of people develop facial thread veins especially women. Almost every 1 in 5 women in their 20s develop thread veins. This figure increase to about half by 40s and with ageing continue to increase.

The difference between facial thread veins and the thread veins in the legs

The veins in the face are extremely sensitive as compared to the veins in the legs. Face is more directly exposed to the daily environmental changes like sun exposure, wind etc. These veins can also be triggered as a result of the extremity in the external temperatures.

At CosmeDocs, two types of treatment options are available for treating facial thread veins.

  • In case of few facial thread veins, Electrolysis guided needles treatment is available.
  • If a patient has more diffused area of facial thread veins, IPL Treatment using Lumecca is available.

In case a patient is suffering from few facial thread veins, then Electrolysis Guided needles give highly effective results. At CosmeDocs, this treatment technique is used due to its effectiveness and safety. We offer free initial consultation session in which our expert cosmetic doctors conduct a detailed and close examination and evaluation of the condition of facial thread veins. Based on this initial evaluation, the duration and the required number of sessions for removing the veins are suggested.

The procedure of Electrolysis treatment

In Electrolysis Guided needles treatment procedure, very fine needles are positioned into the broken capillaries. Our experienced doctors ensure that the needles are immaculately inserted into the broken vein and not in the surrounding intact veins. This ensures the effectiveness and positive results of the treatment procedure.

After the needle is inserted into the right vein, a little amount of electric current is passed through it. This heats up the vein resulting in removing its discolouration. Patient may experience mild pain or discomfort therefore a local anaesthetic cream is applied to the treatment area to numb it. The process is repeated in the entire effected area.

Electrolysis treatment gives outstanding results for treating facial thread veins but can also be used to treat the vein issues in other areas of the body.

Duration of Electrolysis Treatment Session

The duration of the treatment depends on the area which requires treatment. Usually, it takes almost 15-30 minutes per treatment session. The treatment may require 2-3 sessions. Patients can observe instant improvement in the condition after the first treatment session and the following treatment sessions significantly eliminates the appearance of broken veins.

The interval between the treatment sessions is of 2-3 weeks which allow the skin to recover. Patients may experience blemishes or redness during this period which is treatable in next treatment session.


The electrolysis effectively treats small effected area while large areas are hard to treat. It gives permanent results but life style factors and ageing can make these veins reappear.

Possible Side Effects of the Treatment

It is a safe and effective treatment with few side effects which are temporary. The redness on the face may increase with scabbing and the patient may experience hot sensations in the face. these are temporary conditions and normally subsides in few days.


The cost of the electrolysis facial thread veins treatment starts from about £50. The cost varies with the number of veins to be treated and number of treatment sessions. For further information you can check our price tab or contact us directly.

Facial Thread Veins treatment using latest and advanced IPL treatment with Lumecca bring about dramatic improvements in the appearance of broken veins, making them highly invisible and giving a healthy, even and smooth skin tone.

The laser treatment is highly effective in treating small as well as large facial and body areas. It makes use of the highly powerful and advanced laser technology through selective Photothermolysis.

Significant Features of Lumecca by InMode

  • It is highly affected in treating the area with broken and pigmented veins as it possess ultra high power and give optimal results.
  • This latest IPL treatment has reduced the number of treatment sessions to 1-2.
  • The technology ensures greater comfort of patients as it make use of strong sapphire cooling tip that significantly reduce pain.

It has very fast and rapid pulse repetition frequency which causes significant reduction in the time duration of treatment.

IPL Treatment procedure with Lumecca

This advanced laser treatment for facial thread veins target the broken veins and break them down through the process of Photothermolysis. This process does not affect the normal facial veins and only targets the broken veins which ensure effective treatment.


In order to avoid any harm to the skin, laser is delivered in short bursts. The treatment cause significant reduction in the appearance of facial thread veins leaving a smooth, vein-free , clear and healthy skin behind.

Duration of treatment

A single session of IPL can take from 15 to 45 minutes depending on the size of the treatment area. On average, 3-5 treatment sessions may be required to acquire optimal results from the treatment but the number of treatment sessions varies from patient to patient. However, some facial thread veins may disappear in one treatment session. The treatments are carried out after about 4-6 weeks gap.

Possible side effects of the treatment

IPL treatment is a non-invasive and mild procedure with minimal side effects. It may cause slight discomfort and reddening of the area after the treatment which go away in few hours after the treatment. Some other rare side effects include blistering, hyper or hypopigmentation and scarring.

Depends on the number of veins. The electrolysis treatment can take from 10-30 minutes and it may be repeated 2-4 times for maximum elimination of facial thread veins.

The patient may experience slight stinging sensation and redness in the treated area after the treatment but it is temporary and clear in few days. Some patients almost 4%-5% may develop light brown marks which fade in few weeks or months.

It is highly recommended that you should protect your skin from sun exposure and exposure to any kind of chemical agents like soap, face wash etc. you must wash your skin with warm water for during 24 hours after the treatment. A moisturizing cream may be recommended by doctor to soothe any redness and discomfort.

When the IPL is applied to the treatment area, the oxyhaemoglobin in the blood inside the vein absorb the light which coagulates the blood causing the breakup of thread veins into particles. These vein particles are naturally filtered out from the body through lymphatic system.

It may cause mild discomfort and slight hot stinging prick but the treatment is very fast and quick.

You may experience slight skin reddening after the treatment which usually settles in few hours following the treatment.

Instantly after the treatment, some thread veins will disappear but may reappear after few days with less visibility. With successive treatment sessions, the facial thread veins will disappear completely and are not likely to reappear, though others may arise if your skin is prone. It gives long lasting results but depending on factors like ageing, life style habits, sun exposure they may reappear at some point in life. It is highly recommended that you use good sunscreen in order to protect your skin from further damage.


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