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Forehead Lines Treatment

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Treatment Summary

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  • Treatment Results

    Results | Duration

    2-3 Weeks | 4-6Months

  • Treatment Procedure Time

    Procedure Time

    20 Minutes

  • Treatment Risk and Complications

    Risk & Complications

    Allergic Reactions, Bruises, Swelling, Eyebrow/eyelid dropping asymmetry

  • Full recovery from treatment

    Full Recovery

    No Downtime

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These are the parallel grooves which form on the forehead as result of continuous frontalis muscle contractions and due to elevation of the eyebrows. This condition generally worsens with ageing, excessive exposure to sun, stress and distress. These lines can add age to your facial profile.

Treatment: At CosmeDocs, we have an extensive experience of treating this condition with Botulinum Toxin. Highly controlled quantity of Botox is injected into the Frontalis muscles which smooth the forehead causing reduction in visibility of horizontal lines. We also provide specially tailored Botox treatment for elevating the lateral portion of eyebrow which helps in lifting the heavy eyebrows but this is not an option suitable for everyone and needs to be discussed during the consultation. Very deep forehead lines may require additional treatment to stimulate collagen in the skin such as PDO Threads.


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