Penile Lengthening and Widening UK

There are certain issues that cause anxiety among men especially when it comes to looking for an effective solution. One such issue is related with the male private part. Not many treatments can be reliable as they claim to be as there are widespread counterfeit medicines which can make things worse.

Surgical girth widening, penile enlargement and liposuction treatments conducted by specialized surgeons can provide you the desired results without causing any complications. We are offering this treatment service at our clinics in the UK. Here we’re discussing how these procedures are done and the results you should expect.


About half of human penis is positioned inside the body with pubic bone connected by suspensory ligament which is released to allow the penis advance in length to outside of the body. A discreet incision is made horizontally at the pubic area in this procedure. Further, a penis stretching device can be used to get best results. The procedure results in an increase of around 2 inches in length. However, other factors such as excessive fat in the pubic area can become an obstacle but can be treated with liposuction.


Widening or thickening process allow the male private part to increase in circumference by up to 50%. The patient’s own fat cells are transferred as they do not get rejected by body. A separate second stage fill procedure three months after the treatment should provide improvement in results along with the flaccid and erect state.