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Non-Surgical Treatment for Shaping of the Jawline and Chin

Some people are not satisfied with their jawline and wants to have a slim jawline to achieve a more subtle and graceful facial appearance. The jawline that is poorly formed suppress the other facial features.

Some people have small chin which affect the overall beauty of their face. Do you feel that your chin is small as compared to the rest of your face? A short or stubby chin suppresses the jawline definition and other facial contours. A contoured and well-defined chin augments the overall beauty of your facial profile.

Causes of poorly defined Jawline and Chin

  • Bruxism
  • Ageing
  • Hereditary factors
  • Accumulation of fats

Benefits of Jawline and double chin treatment

  • Enhance the definition of chin
  • Gives an improved and slimmer jaw line
  • Give definition to your smile
  • Gives a refreshing and youthful look

PDO Thread Lift for fat reduction

Jawline and double chin treatment options

PDO threads are an innovative and revolutionary new treatment which proved to very effective in contouring facial features, reducing the roundness of face, lifting sagging skin of cheeks, jowls, neck and also gives a brilliant brow lift.

It is an ideal option cosmetic procedure for lifting and tightening sagging and loose skin tissues. It gives definition to the facial contours and stimulates collagen production. The threads of varying lengths are inserted into skin using very fine needles which creates a support structure for the facial skin tissues due to synthesis of collagen. The results of the PDO threadlift treatment fully shows up after about 6 months when the collagen has naturally stimulated around the PDO threads. The effects of the treatments last for about 2-3 years.

Treatable facial areas with PDO Threads

  • Upper and lower cheeks, forehead (brow lifting), jawline, neck, nasoi-labial folds, marionette lines, chin.

Aqualyx are popularly known as fat dissolving injections. It is a gel solution which dissolves fat having the Desoxychol-acid as an active ingredient. This is a bile acid which naturally occurs in our bodies and plays a vital role in fat digestion.

Aqualyx targets small fatty deposits in different areas which show resistant to the exercise and diet. The active ingredient in Aqualyx injections induces the process of ‘lipolysis’ in which the fat cells break and die. The lymphatic system of the body naturally removes the fatty liquid via venous system where the fatty liquid is digested in the similar manner as the digestion of fatty foods.

This double chin treatment can prove highly beneficial in removing the stubborn fat deposits causing double chin and in the jawline to slim the face.

Nefertiti was an Egyptian queen known for her smooth neck and sculptured jawline. Now you can achieve the same with Nefertiti lift. In this face lift procedure, small quantities of Botox are injected at precise points along the lower jawline and in the platysma muscles of the neck. It relaxes the muscles of the lower face and neck creating an uplifting effect to the neck and jaw area as the upper face muscles pulls upwards, causing tightening of the skin in this area. The complete treatment procedure takes almost 30 -40 mins.

Botox Jaw Reduction Treatment Before Botox Jaw Reduction Treatment After

Possible Side Effects

There are minimal side effects associated with all of the double chin treatments. In case of Botox, dermal fillers, Nefertiti lift and PDO thread treatments there can be mild swelling and bruising in the treated area which usually subsides in few days and these does not interrupt the regular routine life. The side effects of the Aqualyx treatment involve some swelling, irritation and tenderness in the treated area but it is also temporary and generally subsides in 4-6 days.


There is no downtime associated with jawline and double chin treatments. Patients can immediately resume their routine activities after receiving any of the treatments.


The cost of jawline and double chin treatments depends on the choice of treatment. Your doctor will better be able to tell you the cost of the treatment in initial consultation session. For further information you can check our price tab or can directly contact us.


This depends largely on which facial areas are required to be treated and what are your individual concerns. Our expert doctors will first carefully examine your condition and will suggest an appropriate treatment for you.

There is little pain or discomfort associated with the treatments. Numbing or anesthetic cream may be applied before the treatment to minimize discomfort.

It depends on the area of treatment. Your doctor will examine your face and will tell you about complete treatment plan in initial consultation session.

It cause minimal pain as anesthetic and numbing cream is applied before treatment. Patients can experience slight but bearable pain.


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