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Jawline Reduction with Botox for
Slim and Feminine Jawline

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  • Treatment Results

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    2-3 Weeks | 4-6Months

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    20 Minutes

  • Treatment Risk and Complications

    Risk & Complications

    Allergic Reactions, Bruises, Swelling, Eyebrow/eyelid dropping asymmetry

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How Botox can help in Jaw Muscle Reduction?

Botox is a revolutionary medication which has multitude of uses in the aesthetic treatments. In addition to reducing the wrinkles, lines and treating the ageing signs, Botox is also used for the square jaw reduction.

Botox works subtly by weakening the masseter jaw muscle which results in a softer jaw angle. Botox jaw reduction treatment inhibits the action of the masseter jaw muscle which eventually leads to atrophy(reduction in size due to non-use) of the muscle. The Botox is injected into the bulky part of the jaw muscles.

The softening of masseter jaw muscle is noticed by the patients generally after two weeks of the treatment with continuing slimming of the jaw for another few months. Multiple treatments are usually required to achieve the desired results. According to some of the researchers ‘permanent changes’ in the jaw line have been noticed in almost 2-3 Botox Jaw Reduction treatments. However, it is advisable that patients expect to achieve only long term effects of the jaw reduction treatment and not permanent results. Patients who have underlying Bruxism or teeth clenching problem might not ever gain the permanent results of the treatment because their masseter muscle is strengthened continuously every night.

Some causes of square jaw due to enlarged Masseter Muscle

  • Excessive or constant chewing: some people develop the habit of constantly chewing or excessively chewing hard food items or chewing the gum. This cause the jaw muscle to expand in size giving it a squarer look.
  •  Bruxism or teeth clenching: Some people have a habit of clenching their jaw and grinding their teeth even in sleep. This lead towards expansion of masseter muscle or muscle hypertrophy and hence square jaw.
  • Ethnicity: Most of the men and women of Asian descend have square jaws which add to the masculine appearance. They want to achieve soft and delicate appearance therefore they undergo Botox jaw line reduction treatment.

The procedure of Botox jaw reduction at CosmeDocs

At CosmeDocs, we offer relatively painless, safe, quick and simple method of jawline reduction using Botox injections. The Botox is injected into the jaw line on both sides of the jaw which gives a slight pain like that of pinching sensation. The injection procedure takes maximum 15-20 minutes and patients can return to their office or daily work activities after the treatment because there is no downtime of the treatment.

Possible Botox Jaw reduction side effects

Though there are no severe side effects of non-surgical jaw reduction by botox but there might be some minor side effects which can be seen in some extreme cases. These might include swelling, bruising , mild pain in the jaw muscles especially during chewing. These side effects are only temporary and fade away in few days or a week. The patient should not lie down or massage the muscles at least 4-6 hours after the treatment. Also, you need to understand that although botox jaw reduction gives evident results but it will not bring about any radical changes in your appearance. Through a non-surgical square jaw reduction procedure you will get a soft and subtle change in your looks as if you have lost weight or lost some fats from your face.

The before and after pictures of non-surgical botox jaw reduction treatment evidently shows the subtle and natural change in the jawline from a squarer looking jaw to a more rounded and V-shaped jaw line. The change is quite natural rather than bringing a drastic change in the jawline as in case of surgical jaw reduction treatment. Though the botox jaw reduction treatment adequately treats the masseter muscle it doesn’t treat the fat that may contribute to the wide jaw appearance. PDO Threads are commonly used to treat fat in the lower face/jowls and sometimes these are done in conjunction with botox jaw slimming treatments described above. Another option to reduce fatty deposit in the lower face/jowls is aqualyx fat dissolving injections.

The cost of botox jaw reduction varies for men and women mainly because men have heavier and squarer jaws as compared to women and they might need more treatment sessions for considerable reduction in their jaw size in comparison to women. At CosmeDocs, £350 is charged for the male jaw line reduction treatment and £300 is charged for female jaw reduction.

BOTOX® is a natural form of purified natural Botulinum protein which causes the muscles to relax by blocking nerve impulses. It paralyses the activity of the muscles which gradually reduce in size with passage of time.

BOTOX® is a formulation of Botulinum Toxin type A which is a natural purified protein.

BOTOX® works by blocking the transmission of nerves this enable the underlying muscles beneath the skin, to relax for a certain period of time. The effect of the treatment is temporary, that lasts almost about 6 -8 months.

FDA approved the cosmetic use of BOTOX® Cosmetic in April 2002.

BOTOX® has been in use for treating numerous conditions for the past 15 years without any potential side effects.

BOTOX injections for the square jaw treatment takes almost 30 minutes however it can be completed in even less time.

Majority of our patients who have undergone BOTOX Injection treatment compared its pain to a stinging sensation or pinch which lasts for few seconds.

It is recommended that the patient should not lie down or do any sort of exercise for at least two hours after the treatment. Avoid excessive touching or massaging the treated area at least for four hours after the treatment.

The effects last for up to four to six months. However, in treatment around the jaw area multiple treatments (usually 2-3) over a period of 2-3 months may be required.

Because BOTOX® is a natural, purified protein, with the passage of considerable period of time our body slowly absorbs and process BOTOX®.

No, it will not. Though there is a visible reduction in the jaw line but it will not be that great to extent that it sag the skin. It will only give your facial appearance a subtle and sophisticated change unlike the surgical jaw reduction.


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