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Non-Surgical Facelift Treatment to Tighten, Lift & Rejuvenate Facial Profile

What is Facelift?

Non-surgical cosmetic treatments are becoming increasingly popular as a way of improving the facial features due to modern advances in technique & equipment. These treatments help to restore the three-dimensional facial contours without the requirement of surgery. The non-surgical facelift treatments can improve lost volume in the face as well as treat sagging loose skin commonly associated with the jowls.

In non-surgical facelift treatments, Botox, dermal fillers and PDO Threads or a combination of them is used to attain the desired results. Botox helps in smoothing and softening dynamic wrinkles and relaxing muscles causing downwards pull of the face while dermal fillers and PDO Threads are used to restore the lost facial volume and improve the facial contours and sagging skin while also treating the stubborn fat deposits such as those collected in moderate to severe jowls.

Botox/ Azzalure

Dermal Fillers(Teosyal & juvederm)

PDO Thread

Facelift Treatment Areas

Facelift Treatments Areas


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