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Lip Enhancement Using Hyaluronic Dermal Fillers

Lips are the most sensuous and attractive feature of face. With ageing, lips lose their natural glow, fullness, volume and become thin. This happens due to the progressive loss of collagen and elastin in skin. This lead towards the development of lip lines which results in lipstick bleeding. Fine lines and wrinkles also start to appear around the corner of the mouth. This affects the overall beauty of your facial profile.

Treatment Summary

  • Anaesthetic Icon



  • Treatment Results


    9-12 months

  • Treatment Procedure Time

    Procedure Time

    10-25 mins

  • Treatment Risk and Complications

    Risk & Complicationss

    Bruising, Swelling, Infection (rare)

  • Full recovery from treatment

    Full Recovery

    1 week

  • Back to Work from Treatment

    Back To Work

    After treatment

In order to gain fullness and volume of lips, non-surgical lip enhancement procedures prove highly beneficial and effective in restoring a youthful appearance. Lip enhancement treatments help you to regain the fullness, plumpness and lusciousness of lips which is the hallmark of youthful facial profile.

Dermal fillers are used for lip augmentation and clients can choose how delicate or prominent appearance of lips they want.

Reasons for choosing non-surgical Lip Enhancement

  • Offers safe treatment option
  • Effectively cure the oral commissures and smoker’s lines
  • Gives naturally enhanced, sensuous and sexy lips
  • Gives definition to the Cupid Bow
  • Voluptuous lip re-contouring

Understanding lip anatomy

By understanding the brief anatomy of lips, you will be able to better understand how dermal fillers can help in lip enhancement procedures. The lip body which is pink is colour is known as vermilion. It has two parts the outer part which is exposed to the air and the inner part which remain wet inside the mouth. There is a wet-dry border which separates the two parts and this border is injected with dermal fillers to enhance the volume of the lip body. The lip’s edge is known as vermilion border. Generally, older people experience a volume loss in this area with a decrease in definition and support that exist between the lips and facial skin. This can lead towards the formation of vertical lines above the lips also called Smoker’s lines. The cupid’s bow is the middle central part of the upper lip having two philtral columns that extends from the peak. These mentioned areas of lips may be individually treated with dermal fillers to give volume, shape and definition while supporting the border and removing the fine lines.

Lip enhancement & augmentation indications

  • Vermilion border
  • Cupid bow
  • Fleshy part of upper and lower lips
  • Oral commissures
  • Marionette Lines / Puppet lines
  • Philtrum ridges
  • Perioral lines

Lips Enhancement Treatment

Techniques used for Lip augmentation

There are many different techniques available which are used for lip enhancement depending largely on the area of lips where you need to have volume. For improving the appearance of small fine lip lines and to control lipstick bleeding, the outline of the lips (vermillion) is reshaped. This rejuvenates lips by giving them youthful and attractive contour.

Along with this, the Cupid’s bow and the philtrum ridges present on the upper lip can also be redefined while plumping the main body of lips. Quite often, a combination of different techniques are applied which gives outstanding results in accordance with the desires of the patients. You will be able to monitor the progress during the treatment and liaise with your practitioner. Our motto is “less is more” when it comes to lips so rest assured the secret will remain between you and your practitioner!

Lip enhancement treatment procedure at CosmeDocs

In the initial consultation, our experienced, professional and skilful doctors will examine your lip, facial features and will discuss with you any issues you might have with your lips, the desired appearance

Once you decide to undergo the treatment, a topical anaesthetic will be applied to your lips before the treatment procedure. The possibility of discomfort is minimal because the dermal fillers we use for the lip augmentation also have anaesthetic. During the treatment procedure, you can review and see the results with your doctor. Photos will be taken before and after the treatment to clearly view the results.

Duration of the lip enhancement treatment

The total treatment procedure requires 20-30 minutes to complete. After the completion of treatment, your practitioner will massage the lips and provide you with the post treatment advice.

Types of dermal fillers used at CosmeDocs

At CosmeDocs, safety of our patients is our primary concern. Therefore, we make use of safe and non-permanent dermal fillers which are hyaluronic acid based like Teosyal (Swiss), Juvederm (USA) and Restylane (Sweden). These are dermal fillers with hyaluronic acid and their effects lasts for almost 6-12 months. They naturally get absorbed and processed by the body and broken down into mainly H2O & CO2 – Water & Carbon Dioxide.

Combining Other Treatments with Non-Invasive Lip Enhancement

Botox / PDO Threads for lip enhancement

Botox & PDO Threads can be used in conjunction with dermal fillers to treat the smoker’s lines and lines around the corners of the mouth, to give optimal results.

Nasolabial Folds, Oral Commissures and Marionette Lines

The lines and wrinkles in the areas around the lips often give an ageing facial appearance or give an unhappy expression to face. Our expert aesthetic users can also make use of the hyaluronic acid dermal fillers to treat;

  • a downward smile
  • to smooth vertical lines emerging between the nose and lips (nasolabial folds)
  • the lines that extend down from the mouth (marionette lines)

Your lips may become tender and swell after the treatment. Some bruising and redness may also be caused due to dermal filler injections but this condition will resolve in few days and it can be camouflaged using the makeup. Our cosmetic doctor will give you advice about the post treatment care. You should not touch or apply makeup to the area treated for at 24 – 48 hours after the treatment so that it settles. Further guidance about aftercare will be provided by your cosmetic doctor.

You may experience much swelling and redness in the treated area so it is advisable that you should not undergo the treatment near any special occasion.

Other serious possible complications may include hypersensitivity reactions, infections and granuloma formation but are quite rare.

Ladies who are pregnant or are breast feeding are not recommended for the lip enhancement treatment. It is also not advisable to take the treatment if there is some infection or irritation in the area to be treated or there is known hypersensitivity to the hyaluronic acid. To assess suitability to treatment, general health of an individual is also taken into account. As the dermal fillers are made in a lab without use of any animal tissue no testing is required prior to treatment.

The results of the hyaluronic acid dermal fillers last for about 6-12 months. During this or after this period, it is possible to take more treatments in order to maintain or bring improvement in the results, if required.

With the progressive breakdown of hyaluronic acid, your lips will start returning back to their previous condition.

For numbing and minimising pain, a topical anaesthetic cream is applied. In addition to this, dermal fillers also have anaesthetic.

With non-permanent treatment which uses dermal fillers, you can have your lips re-contour after their effects wear off. But in the case of permanent treatment the results cannot be changed once done. It can lead to undesirable cosmetic side effects and involve more risk. Nevertheless, there are very few clients still who are suitable for permanent lip implants.


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