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PRGF: Promote Your Natural Body Healing

Plasma Rich in Growth Factors (PRGF) offers the most advanced treatment technique in system of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP). It starts its work by taking the platelets from the patient’s own body for both triggering and speeding up the natural process of tissue reproduction and healing.

With the help of this cutting-edge treatment, the effects of the injury or trauma, as well as a natural process of degeneration (together with ageing) can be effectively counteracted in your tendons, muscles, cartilage and even in your hair and skin.

In simple words, PRGF is a highly effective healing technique to promote natural body healing from within. This is the reason that many renowned celebrities adopt it for healing their scars and undo the signs of ageing.

Know About PRGF

PRGF is a treatment procedure in which the concentrated plasma or platelet sample is extracted from the blood of a patient's from his/her arm. The process of blood filtration is then carried out on the sample to extract platelets as well as plasma from it in large numbers. This extracted Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is injected straight into the injured or traumatised area to accelerate the regeneration of fresh and new cells.

Why Choose PRGF?

  • 100% Autologous treatment because it uses growth factors extracted from your own blood
  • There are no extrinsic additives
  • Significantly improve the consistency of skin
  • Trigger the production of your body’s Hyaluronic acid to provide natural skin moisture
  • Wrinkles begin to fade due to the reduction in the depth of lines
  • Fresh looking facial skin due to improved hydration and glow
  • It really won’t affect your facial expressions
  • You can have it in combination with other cosmetic procedures

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The science that lies behind the effectiveness of PRGF

Many researchers have come up with the theory that platelets consists of more than 1100 numerous proteins together with growth factor along with regenerating growth factor. It’s mainly because of these 'growth factors' your blood can naturally repair and revive affected body areas.

Commonly treated areas with PRGF

PRGF can be effectively applied to many body areas for treating an injury or reducing the effects of trauma. For treating facial skin, it is most commonly used for treating brows and eyes areas for improving hydration and reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, and on the cheeks as well as neck to enhance overall brightness and glow.

The Treatment Procedure

This treatment procedure is carried out with the help of a process called 'Mesotherapy'. It is a minimally invasive treatment in which micro-injections are injected into the affected area. These micro-injections are injected directly within the middle skin layer called 'mesoderm'. The purpose of using these sophisticated micro-injections is to make the process relatively less painful and disturbing.

Duration of treatment and recovery period

Many patients usually report improvement in signs within 24 hours of the treatment. During this period, your skin might begin to feel smoother and appear brighter. Some of our patients even report experiencing results before they leave our clinic!

However, to obtain the optimal outcomes, we recommend that you take at least three sessions in the three months. The best part of the treatment is that it has no downtime and recovery period. You can continue with your routine activities right after taking the treatment.

Why Choose CosmeDocs Clinic for PRGF?

Skin is the outermost and most visible part of your body so PRGF treatment for your skin should be performed only by a qualified and experienced cosmetic practitioner having a good history of not just delivering optimal outcomes but also promoting recovery.

At CosmeDocs, we have a team of experienced cosmetic surgeons who are experts in performing different PRP treatment procedures which helps you to harness the natural healing power of your body. We rank among the best skin care treatment clinics in London. We are proud of our devoted, experienced and skilled team of professionals who are experts in performing the cutting-edge aesthetic treatments that turn back the hands of time to reduce the ageing signs.

Post Treatment

Due to the injections, the skin may become more sensitive, and there might be mild swelling. You may also experience slight localised bruising on the points where the injections are injected. However, all these are temporary side effects which fade away in a few days.

Before and After Pictures

Please take a look at the before and after pictures of our patients and witness the change in skin texture and brightness, yourself. After taking the PRGF treatment, the skin of our patients appears smoother, brighter and glowing with a visible reduction in wrinkles.


PRGF treatment is backed by 15 years of scientific research into the natural process of tissue regeneration. The treatment is an outcome of extensive clinical trials. These trials have developed its safety as well as success. To add a cherry to the cake, more than half a million people including renowned celebrities have received PRGF treatment with not even a single adverse outcome.

Kim Kardashian is responsible for making Vampire Facelift popular however it's not similar to PRGF treatment. Dr Charles Runnels, an American doctor, performed the Vampire Facelift procedure which involved the blending of plasma with synthetic substances. While in PRGF treatment no synthetics or additives are used. It only takes the blood of your own body and injects its growth factors into the affected area without the use of additives.

Want to learn more about PRGF? Get in touch with us today to know more about this easily accessible, affordable and effective anti-ageing treatment which even the celebrities love to take!


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