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Effects & Sun Damaged Skin Treatment Options

Though majority of the people like the light of the sun and its warmth but spending too much time under the sun can cause a serious damage to the skin especially in case of sensitive skin. The extra exposure to sunlight dehydrates the skin, cause sagging, sun burns, pigmentation and skin discoloration.

Photo Ageing

When the skin is exposed excessively to sun in early age, it makes a person look much older than his or her actual age. The excessive sun exposure in early age causes premature wrinkles and damage to the skin. This condition is known as ‘photo ageing’. It results in rough, coarse and dry skin with freckles and skin discoloration accompanied by leathery skin and deep wrinkles which is unlike the natural ageing process.

UV rays of sun can thicken or thin the skin stimulating the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. It makes skin pale and vulnerable to bruising, tearing and injuries. The skin sags and loses its elasticity due to the breakdown of elastin fibres within the skin. This gives rise to the coarse and deep wrinkles.

The effects of Sun Damage

  • Skin dryness: The skin exposed to sun continuously loses its moisture and the essential oils. This makes the skin dry and flaky causing premature wrinkles.
  • Sun burns: When the skin is directly exposed to the UV radiations, it causes skin injuries. The skin reddens in case of mild sun burns while in severe cases tiny fluid filled bumps or large blisters can form on the skin.
  • Telangiectasias: in this condition the tiny blood vessels become more apparent due to sun damage specifically on the face. The spots present on the sites where melanocytes are damaged become more visible. Melonocytes produce melanin within the skin which is responsible for giving colour to the skin. Due to sun damage, the condition of those pigmented areas become worse leading to formation of freckles, age spots, liver spots and in some cases white spots.
  • Skin bumps or Actinic keratosis: the skin rashes starts to appear on the skin. It can take the form of moles, wart-like seborrheic keratoses and actinic keratoses. These crusty bumps on skin are a warning sign of skin cancer. Almost 10 %-15% of the actinic keratoses, eventually develop into squamous cell carcinoma.

Sun Damaged Skin Treatment Options

There is different sun damaged skin treatment options available that specifically target the skin problems caused due to sun damage.

The individualized treatment plan will be tailored by your doctor based on:

  • Your age group, overall health and medical history
  • How severe is the sun damage
  • Kind of skin damage
  • Your considerations
  • Your tolerance and sensitivity to certain medications and treatments

Types of Sun Damaged Skin Treatment Options

there are different medications and remedies available for treating not just the sun damaged skin but also to exfoliate and cleanse skin. The key ingredients in these medications and skin care products are Vitamin A and its derivatives. Cosmeceutical skin care products having SPF 15 or 30 provide great protection from the destructive UVA rays of the sun.

It is a mild form of dermbrasion technique. Typically, this technique is used for exfoliating skin, cleansing sebum and curing acne. This sun damaged skin treatment is a non-surgical treatment and is minimally invasive. It is a highly effective treatment for photo-ageing as it stimulates the production of collagen which rejuvenates and sustains skin.

Chemical skin peels helps in improving the appearance of skin. In skin peel treatment procedure, a chemical skin peel solution is applied to the skin which causes the skin to blister and gradually peel off. The new skin emerge which is fresher, smoother and with less wrinkles. Skin peels are composed of special and natural ingredients that are crucial for the development, rejuvenation and protection of skin. This treatment effectively heals the skin from sun damage in a completely non-invasive manner. Additionally, skin peels enhance the skin’s glow and give it a youthful appearance.

a specialised device is used in this sun damaged skin treatment and is performed by an expert and professional cosmetic doctor at a professional cosmetic clinic. Dermaroller is a specialised device having numerous tiny needles which is used for skin exfoliation. It is almost similar to that of acupuncture needles. The size of the needles is adjusted according to the skin type of the patient. The procedure of this sun damaged skin treatment involves moving the dermaroller device up and down on the skin followed by the application and massage of gel enriched with vitamins. The treatment procedure is almost painless because it use local anesthesia. The complete treatment process takes almost an hour. This sun damaged skin treatment gives best results on the skin with mild to moderate sun damage.

There is no doubt that Botox is the most popular and demanded treatment of all for skin rejuvenation and also when it comes to the sun damaged skin treatment. Botox is injected into the areas of face and neck where fine lines and wrinkles appeared due to the effects of photo-ageing and the UVA rays of the sun. Botox blocks the signals of neural transmission which stops the muscle activity. This makes the fine lines and wrinkles to disappear for at least 3-4 months.

skin or dermal fillers are injected into the skin where the skin’s volume is lost due to loss of collagen. They help to remove the signs of ageing and revitalize the skin. They help in increasing the production of collagen within the skin.

There are many different kinds of dermal fillers available. At CosmeDocs, we use Restylane and Juvederm, which are natural hyaluronic acid, based fillers and helps in keeping skin young and youthful.

CosmeDocs offers wide range of expert, professionally and clinically proven sun damaged skin treatments for every age group. Our expert, professional and experienced dermatologists and doctors develop an individually tailored sun damaged skin treatment plan by analyzing and evaluating your skin type and extent of sun damage.

Treatment Side Effects

For most of the sun damaged skin treatments, there are minimal and temporary side effects like mild redness, slight ithcing and swelling which usually vanish in few hours or days. In case of Botox and Dermal fillers, bruising may occur along with swelling at the sight of injections but this is also a temporary condition which eliminates in few days.


Almost all the sun damaged skin treatments offered at CosmeDocs, have no or very little downtime. The patient can immediately resume with the daily routine activities after getting the treatment without any problem.


The cost of sun damaged skin treatment varies with the type of treatment you receive. Your doctor will better be able to tell you the cost of complete treatment plan in the initial consultation. You can also check our ‘Price’ tab or if you need any further information you can contact us directly.

It largely depends on the extent of sun damage and type of your skin. By properly examining your skin, you doctor will create a treatment plan which will address your skin concerns in a best possible way.

By adopting the safe habits during sun exposure such as regularly and properly wearing sun screen, avoiding excessive exposure to sun, wearing proper protective clothing, sun glasses and cap, can help to prevent sun damage. It helps in keeping your skin healthy even later in life.

Most of the treatments are minimally painful. There may be slight itching, redness and swelling which usually fades away in few hours or days. In case of Botox and dermal filler treatments, anesthetic cream may be applied to reduce the discomfort to minimal. Our expert and professional doctors ensure that there is minimal pain and discomfort during the treatment.


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