Practicing Safe Aesthetic Medicine

Our CosmeSurge; a surgical division of CosmeDocs clinic

In addition to providing non-surgical aesthetic treatments, CosmeDocs Clinic is also known for providing the best, high-quality and highly demanded surgical aesthetic treatments. The cosmetic surgical division of our clinic, ‘CosmeSurge', offers a wide variety of surgical facial rejuvenation treatments as well as body enhancement procedures for effectively treating different cosmetic and medical concerns.

The team of professional aesthetic practitioners and surgeons at Cosmedocs clinic are certified and well-equipped to help you out with your cosmetic concerns. The agenda of our experts and professionals is to provide our clients with entirely safe and effective aesthetic treatments at accessible prices.

We are highly regarded and leading chain of cosmetic clinics across the UK. Our clinic is known for providing highly efficient aesthetic treatments including Botox, dermal fillers and numerous other surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures.

Following highest quality, reliable and safe clinical standards!

At CosmeSurge, Your satisfaction is our priority and to facilitate you with the best cosmetic surgical treatments, and we put our experts and professionals to rigorous screening and assessment now and then. This ensures that they stay up-to-date with the latest cosmetic techniques and technologies.

We provide you with high quality, secure and reliable cosmetic treatments as well as atmosphere to efficiently deal with your cosmetic concerns. CosmeDocs clinic has a group of experienced and highly qualified aesthetic professionals to guide you with facial rejuvenation and other aesthetic enhancements.

All our cosmetic surgeons and practitioners hold registration with the General Medical Council. All our clinics are well-equipped with the advanced equipment and clinical support to perform surgical aesthetic procedures according to the highest clinical standards.

Range of body contouring treatments to help you redefine your personality Our surgical body enhancement and contouring treatments aim to rejuvenate and improve your body contours and aesthetics. The professional cosmetic surgeons improve your body contours, body parts, or shape to give you enhanced, beautiful and compelling body. We offer breast surgeries for males and females, Vaserlipo and skin tightening, calf implants and other latest treatments to give you a charming appeal and confident personality.

Surgical Facial rejuvenation treatments Our experts follow the latest trends in cosmetic procedures to enhance your look and enhance your facial appearance, harmony between facial features and its proportions. We offer surgical treatments for facial rejuvenation such as facelift surgery, surgical nose job, forehead or brow lift surgery, lip lift surgery, eyelid surgery, neck lift surgery and various others.

Where you can find us? We have a chain of specialist cosmetic clinics which are easily accessible across the UK. Serving thousands of satisfied customers across The UK, our clinics are spread out in the famous Harley Street, Portsmouth, Derby, Nottingham and Birmingham.


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