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Teeth Whitening Treatment System for Shining White Teeth

Why need teeth whitening treatment?

Teeth are the jewels of our smile. Brilliant white teeth enhance the beauty of your entire mouth when you smile. Discoloured and pale teeth look unattractive and add to the negative features of your facial profile.

There are numerous reasons due to which you may need teeth whitening treatment. Every individual is different having different skin and hair colour. Similarly everyone has different teeth colour. There are very few people who are bestowed with shinning white teeth. Our teeth are highly vulnerable to discolouration and colour change due to food stains and ageing.

As we age, our teeth lose their natural white colour and gradually become pale yellowish in colour. Different foods like tea, coffee, red wine, etc. also cause stains on the surface of teeth making them discoloured and yellow. Smoking also cause stains on teeth.

The accumulation of tartar or ‘calculus’ in the teeth and gums can also cause teeth discoloration. Intake of certain medications and antibiotics can be a cause of staining under the teeth surface.

Teeth Whitening before Teeth Whitening After

What is teeth whitening treatment system?

Teeth whitening treatment is a highly effective way to lighten and brighten your natural teeth colour without removal of the teeth surface. It does not meant to change the teeth colour completely but can significantly lighten the existing shade of the teeth.

Enlighten Teeth Whitening System at CosmeDocs

At CosmeDocs, we conduct teeth whitening treatment by using the safest, proven, highly effective and recommended Enlighten teeth whitening system from USA. This teeth whitening treatment is proven to lighten the colour of the teeth up to 10 shades. This system helps in reversing the effect of years of everyday staining, will enhance your self-confidence while giving you a dazzling, brilliant and shining smile.

When patient will first visit us for teeth whitening treatment, the moulds of the patient’s upper as well as lower teeth will be taken. Then ,these teeth moulds will be send over to the Enlighten Smile laboratories where special custom made, patented and sealed bleaching trays will be manufactured. It will take almost 2 weeks for the trays to get ready. During this period, a special serum paste will be provided to the patient to be used twice a day that contains a natural material known as Hydroxyapatiet (HAP). This substance makes up almost 97% of our teeth enamel. This serum paste will not only help in improving the colour of the teeth but will also provide protection to your teeth and will reduce sensitivity.

When the patients will visit on the next appointment, bleaching trays along with the 14 days supply of Enlighten deep bleaching gel will be provided to the patient. It will be advised to wear those trays with the bleaching gel overnight daily for 14 days. Clear and complete instructions will be given regarding the application of gel and trays.

After about 14 days, patient will be asked to return to the clinic for a small teeth surgery which may take up to 40 minutes. This final treatment session will be conducted to enhance the colour. It will also ensure even and natural looking teeth whitening and gives a more long lasting teeth colour.

Treatment Results

The Enlighten teeth whitening treatment give white, shiny and natural looking teeth colour which last for about 2-3 years depending on your eating and drinking habits. However, the results vary from individual to individual.

Side Effects

This teeth whitening treatment is highly safe, effective and non-invasive way to brighten up the natural colour of your teeth. Some of the patients may experience teeth sensitivity during the night whitening application of trays or during the final surgery. Other side effects may include slight gum irritation, sensitivity while having something hot or cold drink or food, sore throat or white patches on gum line but these are temporary and will vanish in few days following the treatment.


There is no downtime of the treatment. The patient can continue with the normal routine activities after the final surgical treatment.


The cost of the Enlighten teeth whitening treatment starts from about £450. It varies with the number of treatments required. For more information you can check our price tab or can directly contact us.

The total treatment time takes about 3 – 4 weeks to complete. At first, 2-3 visits are needed to the dentist. In the first appointment, the doctor will take the impressions of the teeth for creating mouth bleaching trays. After that you will be provided with a serum paste to use at home for 2 -4 weeks at home at night for 30 minutes to one hour or all night. After about two weeks you will be provided with your bleaching trays and you have to apply them on your teeth every night for almost 14 days along with the deep bleaching gel.

The results of the teeth whitening treatment can last for up to 2-3 years however this duration may vary from person to person. If a person smoke, drink red wine and take other products that cause stains on teeth then the effects of the treatment may not last long.

There are few side effects which are temporary. The patient may develop teeth sensitivity to cold or hot products during or after the treatment. Some others may develop slight pain, sore throat or white patches on the gums but all these are temporary and subside in few days.

You may experience slight pain and discomfort and increased teeth sensitivity to hot and cold but this will gradually fade away in few days after the treatment.

In order to keep your teeth white, you can cut down on the intake of foods and drinks that cause stains on teeth. Stop smoking. Adopt a following teeth care tips to retain results for longer.

  • Brush your teeth thrice one time at night before sleeping, once in the morning and once at any other time during the day with good fluoride toothpaste.
  • Cut down on your intake of sugary and greasy foods and drinks.
  • Pay a regular visit to dentist for a complete dental checkup.

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