Individuals especially women are self-conscious about their body appearance. Individuals having loose, sagging and drooping skin around the midsection of their body or develop weak abdominal muscles due to excessive weight loss or after pregnancy, tummy tuck surgery offer the best surgical solution to contour and firm the body and achieve a youthful appearance. It is important to note that it is not a treatment for weight loss; tummy tuck helps to refine the body contours of a person when diet and exercise fail to eliminate the excessive stubborn fat tissues and cells.
Many of us strive to achieve flat and well-toned abdominal area which is often difficult to achieve exercise and diet control. Even, some individuals having normal body weight, sometimes develop abdomen that appear protruding or the abdominal skin become loose and sagging. The common causes of these include;

  • Hereditary
  • Ageing
  • Post pregnancy weight loss
  • Previous surgery
  • Significant weight fluctuations

Tummy Tuck Surgery is also referred to as “Abdominoplasty”. It is a surgical procedure which removes the stubborn fat deposits and excess skin. It also helps in restoring the weak or separated muscles giving a smoother and firmer profile. Majority of the patients reported improvement in their self-esteem after receiving this treatment.

A tummy tuck surgery narrow your waist line but not your buttocks and hips. For achieving a balance between the hips and waist line, along with tummy tuck surgeons often recommend liposuction of thighs and hips.

When to consider a tummy tuck surgery?

  • If you have a flabby abdomen, stretch marks or excessive skin in your abdomen area which is not showing improvement with diet or exercise.
  • If your abdomen shape has been affected due to pregnancy or excessive weight loss.
  • If you develop a protruding abdomen which looks unattractive.
  • If you have low self-esteem due to your stomach contour.

Considerations for Tummy Tuck Surgery


  • Through tummy tuck surgery you can restore flat tummy
  • It will give you contoured and improved body appearance
  • It will give you a more youthful and contoured appearance


  • You will develop a scar (located under the bikini area).
  • If you have another pregnancy after the treatment, it will affect the results of the tummy tuck surgery so it is recommended that you undertake the treatment after you have finished with your child birth.
  • Weight gain after abdominoplasty may place negative effects on the results of your surgery.

While considering a tummy tuck surgery, these are the three most significant pros and cons to consider.

Some important facts about Abdominoplasty Surgery

  • Anesthesia given: General anesthesia
  • Duration of surgical procedure: Up to 3 hours
  • Stay in clinic or hospital: Usually home in 1 to 2 days
  • Level of discomfort: Moderate to severe; that is controlled by giving intravenous pain medications
  • Optimal result: after 3 months following the treatment
  • Length of the effects of results: generally long lasting, unless any considerable weight gain or pregnancy happen

The tummy tuck surgery is done by a professional plastic surgeon. It is a completely surgical procedure which can take from 1 to 3 hours, depending on individual’s condition. A general anaesthesia is administered during the surgery.
There are different variations of tummy tuck surgery. Each type is tailored to meet the specific goals and requirements of an individual patient, targeting specific body areas or certain issues. Your plastic surgeon can help you decide which option will suit best to your requirements and will provide natural outcomes. The two commonly used tummy tuck procedures include;

  • Primary or full abdominoplasty
  • Mini-abdominoplasty

In the primary or full abdominoplasty, incision is made from one hip bone to the other above the pubic mound and an additional incision around the navel. In a mini-abdominoplasty, a surgeon makes a single and smaller incision in the pubic area that can be from few inches to your entire abdomen span. By making these incisions, the plastic surgeon removes the excess skin, tightens the slackened muscles and may use liposuction to contour the abdominal area.

A full tummy tuck surgery is recommended after pregnancy or weight loss while mini-abdominoplasty is recommended for those who have a fairly good body shape but are unable to attain their body shaping and contouring goals with controlled diet and exercise.

At CosmeDocs, tummy tuck surgery is performed by professional plastic surgeons. In Abdominoplasty, most of the sagging skin and extra fat that exist between the belly button and the pubic hair is removed in a horizontal, elliptical or oval shape. The tightening of fascia that lies over the abdominal muscles is done by the permanent sutures.

After that the skin is repositioned around the belly button. A small incision is made to bring out the belly button and sutured at its usual position. The incision that is made from hip to hip just above the pubic hair line is stitched together. These stitches will leave behind a scar but it will not be much visible as they will appear along the natural inside the bikini line. The appearance and length of the scar is variable from individual to individual.

For prevention of fluid collection (seromas), surgeons may place the drains. In some of the cases, the drains may be left underneath the skin even after the surgery for few weeks. Instructions are provided to the patients regarding the care and emptying of drains. Patients are also recommended a supportive garment known as abdominal binder, which is worn for almost 4 to 6 weeks following the surgery. The garments the buildup of any kind of fluids and gives support to abdomen area while healing process.

Treatment Results

The results of the surgery are permanent and it takes almost three months for full results to surface. However, it is important in order to maintain the results that you do regular exercise and adopt a healthy lifestyle with balanced diet.

An ideal candidate for tummy tuck Surgery should be:

  • Having overall good health
  • Having excess weight in the mid abdominal section
  • Having a sagging or loose skin around the abdomen
  • Having realistic expectations from the surgery which can be discussed prior to the treatment with the surgeon
  • Having motivation and commitment to maintain the results of the surgery with regular exercise and healthy diet.

Women having excessive loose skin and stretch marks in the lower abdomen after multiple pregnancies can also undertake the surgery.

Who should not consider tummy tuck surgery?

  • Women planning to have more children
  • Individuals planning to lose significant weight
  • Smokers
  • Patients having any serious medical illnesses and cannot afford to undergo surgery
  • Individuals pressurised by others to undertake the surgery

Risks related to Tummy Tuck Surgery

Following risks are related to but not limited to the abdominoplasty;

  • Infection
  • One of the most common risk factor associated with tummy tuck surgery is the collection of fluid called seroma (fluids underneath the skin). Risks can be reduced by leaving the drainage tubes inside. Surgeon can also remove the fluids through syringes or needle in the office or clinic.
  • Hematoma, a blood collection underneath the skin.
  • Risks of skin death rise due to smoking, diabetes and excess weight. The skin may heal up within weeks on its own or may need another surgery for skin removal, depending on the area size.
  • Sensation may reduce or numbness may occur in the abdominal area, and at times, in the upper thighs. This is usually temporary and eliminate in few months after the procedure.


As tummy tuck surgery is a surgical procedure, patients cannot immediately resume work after the surgery. They need to stay in the medical facility for 1 to 2 days. After the surgery, they are required to take rest for at least two weeks. The recovery time may take up to 6 weeks if patient has undergone extensive surgery. Strenuous physical exercise or activity should be avoided during the recovery period and healthy diet should be maintained.


The cost of Tummy tuck surgery varies with the area and the type of surgery you want to undergo. Your consultant plastic surgeon will discuss the cost in the initial consultation session. For further information you can check our price page or can contact us directly.

At what age I can have tummy tuck surgery?

There is no specific age for tummy tuck surgery but it is often recommended for the women who have given birth to child or children and does not plan to have any more children or someone who has lose significant weight causing loose and sagging abdominal skin.

What should I expect after the abdominoplasty procedure?

As it is a surgical procedure, recovery takes time. You may be recommended to take a walk after the surgery. You should also try to walk for 3-4 times for few minutes during the day. You will have a tightened abdomen skin and may not be able to stand completely straight for several days so you may be advised to remain in a bending posture for few days following surgery. Swelling and bruising is a usual effect associated with surgery which will take time to heal up. If drains have been inserted, they will be removed within 4 days to almost 2 weeks time after the surgery. You will be wearing a compression abdominal garment for many weeks after the surgery which will help in reducing the pain and discomfort while healing. The recovery period vary from individual to individual.

Will there be discomfort and pain after abdominoplasty?

Yes, there will be pain. The extent of pain varies from patient to patient. Some patients may feel moderate discomfort while others may have intense pain for which prescription pain reliving medications will be given.

Will I develop a scar after tummy tuck surgery?

Yes, but we use the techniques which hides the scars under the standard bikini area to the maximum.

Will there be swelling after the surgery?

Yes, as it is a surgical procedure and skin tissues are removes, swelling is inevitable. But it eliminates in few weeks following the surgery.

When can I return to my normal routine life?

Tummy tuck is a serious surgical procedure and has a long healing period. If you have drains inside, then you should be on bed rest while getting up for walk, often. Most of the patients can continue their routine activities and resume work after 2 weeks but it depends on the extensiveness of your tummy tuck surgery. In some instances, more than 4 weeks may be needed to take off from work.

How long the results of tummy tuck surgery last?

The surgery gives long lasting and almost permanent results if you do not have pregnancy or weight gain after the procedure. It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet to retain the results for long time.

How Tummy Tuck Differs from Liposuction?

Liposuction is ideal procedure for the removal of localized stubborn fatty tissues in specific areas and is less invasive. It can be performed at other places beside abdomen including love handles, arms, chin, legs, and butt. Tummy tuck surgery is a completely surgical procedure ideal for removing the excess and loose skin in abdominal region while toning and tightening the muscles of abdomen.