Vaser Lipo is one of the most advanced and latest technology which offers highly efficient and effective fat reduction and body reshaping solution, available. It can be ideally applied to almost all body areas. It is especially effective for those areas in which the stubborn fat accumulates due to ageing and these areas show resistance to diet and exercises. The procedure of vaser lipo is minimally invasive and it gives highly consistent and smooth results with a minimum downtime as compared to traditional liposuction.

The Difference of Vaser Lipo from other kinds of Lipo

The vaser lipo is the most advanced technology and patented fat removal system that have emerged as one of the most trusted and credible methods of fat removal in a society that is already saturated with various fat removal procedures.

Unlike the other kinds of normal as well as advanced Smart Lipo systems which make use of laser for fat reduction and removal, Vaser Lipo make use of the mild power of latest ultra-sound technology which emulsifies the fat in the target area.

The distinguishing feature of this latest and highly effective technology is to differentiate between the normal fats from other body tissues like nerves, connective tissues and blood vessels. It targets and eliminates the stubborn fat deposits in the body. The large amount of energy delivered under the skin also leads to a substantial amount of skin tightening, a very desired outcome when removing fat.

Take a look at the Vaser Vs Laser Lipo in our FAQs section to understand the difference and to determine which system works best for you.

Suitable Treatment areas with Vaser Lipo

Body Contoring Treatment Areas

Benefits of Vaser Lipo

  • It is an ideal treatment option for losing significant weight and for precise sculpting of body contours.
  • It gives smooth and highly predictable results.
  • Mild and minimally invasive procedure
  • It can be performed by giving local anaesthesia or twilight sedation.
  • There is minimal pain involved in the procedure.
  • Quick recovery.
  • The treatment is suitable for fat reduction in almost all body parts.
  • Its effectiveness and safety is clinically proven.

How Vaser Lipo works?

Vaser Lipo is either performed under the effect of local anaesthesia or twilight sedation can be used (a superficial state of sleep). There is a small probe that sends the ultrasonic waves to the target area of treatment which works by emulsifying the fatty tissues in the area, gently. These emulsified fatty tissues are then eliminated by using small cannula or are naturally expelled out of the body.

The procedure only removes the fatty tissues while other tissues remain intact. Due to this skin retract smoothly and evenly after completion of the procedure. This helps in minimising the pain , discomfort and bruising while promoting rapid recovery and healing.

Duration of the treatment

Depending on the size of the treatment area, the procedure time takes from 1 to 3 hours. The patient can usually go home the same day if small number of areas treated. Sometimes it’s recommended to spend the night.

Treatment Side Effects

Vaser Lipo is relatively safe procedure with fewer side effects as compared to other Liposuction procedures which involve surgery. Initially, there might be numbness and minor bruising in the treated area along with general muscle tenderness for few days. But these side effects usually go away within few days to a week after the treatment. You are recommended to avoid exercising and any other physical activity for the first two weeks after the treatment but you can resume with your normal daily activities the next day. You need to wear compression garments for the first two weeks after the treatment as they are crucial for recovery. You are also recommended to take a course of lymphatic massages which are component of a recovery process.

Treatment Cost

As vaser lipo is a minimally invasive and advanced treatment for fat removal, the exact cost of the treatment cannot be determined without the in-person consultation with the doctor and without evaluating which areas need to be treated. There are variations in the total cost of treatment depending on the number of areas to be treated and the extent of extensiveness of the treatment. However, here is a general guide to help you in having a general idea about the costs.

1 area£2500-£3500
2 areas+ £800-£1000
3 areas+ £800-£1000
4 areas+ £800-£1000

Please add £1000 for GA

Treatment Video


The pictures clearly show the difference between before and after vaser lipo treatment pictures. You can see a well- contoured and sculpted body in the pictures after receiving the Vaser Lipo treatment.

vaser before and after

vaser lipo stomach before after

vaser lipo abdomen before after.

vaser lipo stomach before and after photos.

vaser liposuction before and after

surgical body contouring before and after

vaser liposuction breast reduction before and after

vaser lipo double chin before and after

vaser lipo abdomen before and after photos

Body Contouring picture after treatment

vaser lipo stomach before after treatment photos

Is Vaser Lipo procedure safe?

Vaser Lipo make use of latest and advanced ultrasound technology which is safely and extensively used in various medical applications for many years. It is trusted, credible and trusted procedure approved by FDA in September 2002 for body contouring. Since then it has been used all across the world for performing thousands of fat removal procedures without any severe complications. There are no risks of any major surgery involved in Vaser Lipo with almost similar results to that of traditional invasive liposuction treatment.

What is a Vaser Lipo and how it differentiates from the other traditional lipo treatments?

Vaser Lipo is highly advanced and latest ultrasound technology which makes of ultrasound technology to remove the stubborn fat deposits selectively from the body. It is a highly effective alternative to the traditional invasive liposuction treatments. It gently contour and reshape your body. The distinguishing feature of this technology is its advanced ability to differentiate between the fatty tissues and body tissues like nerves, blood vessels and connective tissues. This revolutionary innovative technology only target and break the fatty tissues while preserving other vital tissues of the body. This promotes fast, quick and smooth healing with outstanding results.

How does the Vaser Lipo procedure works?

Initially, a tumescent saline solution is filled into the area which is required to be treated for fat removal. This solution helps in numbing the treatment site and cause shrinking of blood vessels (in order to minimise blood loss and bruising). This solution not only wets and fills the area of treatment but also makes it easier to break down the fatty tissues with the ultrasound energy of Vaser Lipo System. After this, the next step is transmission of ultrasound energy by using a small probe which break up the fatty tissues (liquefy) while keeping the other important tissues intact. The final step is removal of the liquefied fatty tissues by using the gentle suction process which is specially designed for minimizing the traumatic effects of the fats on the surrounding important tissue structures like nerves, connective tissues, blood vessels.

Which areas of the body can be treated through the Vaser fat removal procedure?

Doctor have been successfully able to treat the following body areas with vaser lipo; abdomen, thighs, knees, ankles, calves, buttocks, hips, back, arms, male and female breasts, love handles, chin, face and any of the body part which needs fat removal can be treated with this technology.

How much fat can be removed and can it treat multiple areas in one treatment?

Yes, it is possible to treat multiple body areas in single treatment, at once. Your doctor can give you better consultation about how much body fat will be removed from your body during the treatment and what procedure is right for you. You need to keep this in mind that this is not a weight loss procedure. The aim of the treatment is to give you a contoured and slim silhouette. There might not be much weight loss but you can achieve a slimmer and contoured body.

Where the Vaser Lipo treatment is performed?

The procedure is conducted in neat , clean and sterilized environment. It can be conducted at the office of the cosmetic doctor or at cosmetic clinic, at the outpatient surgery clinic or at a hospital. We at CosmeDocs prefer to use local hospital operating rooms for safety & cleanliness. Usually the treatment procedure is performed local anaesthesia (awake), general anaesthesia or IV sedation. You can decide the best for you with your surgeon.

In how much time the results will show up and what is the duration of recovery?

This largely depends on different factors like the extensiveness of the treatment procedure, the amount of fat required to be removed, the number of areas which require treatment etc. Most of the treated patient reported immediate results after the procedure while the final results showed up in about 3 to 6 months. However, you should have realistic anticipation about the procedure after consultation with your doctor.

What about the gain of weight in future or migration of fat to other parts of the body?

This is a very common misconception about the procedure. After the Vaser Lipo treatment, even if you gain weight or lose weight, it will proportionally distribute in the entire body. Once you have your extra fat removed it is removed from the body forever and it will not come back as long as you maintain a healthy diet, healthy life style and exercise, regularly. If you again gain significant weight the existing fatty tissues will expand again.

How can I be sure that the vaser lipo procedure is suitable for me?

If you have tried everything like exercise and diet to do away with the body fat but still there are certain areas which are showing resistance then, vaser lipo is suitable for you. If you are overall healthy but there are certain body parts with stubborn fat deposits then you can choose the vaser lipo procedure. Although there are certain limitations as to how much fat can be removed from your body, you can consult with your doctor as to which areas of your body requires sculpting, what will be the anticipated results and what will be the process of recovery.