Practicing Safe Aesthetic Medicine

Dr You-Jin Chang

Cosmetic Physician

University of Bristol

With her higher education and extensive experience in performing non-surgical aesthetic treatments and various skin procedures, Dr. You-Jin Change is a valuable member of our team at CosmeDocs. She is adept at performing minimally invasive cosmetic procedures which enable the patients to resume their daily activities in the minimum possible period.

Throughout her professional career in aesthetics, she has received knowledge, training and experience in more advanced aesthetic procedures which have enabled her to expand her to add advanced cosmetic treatments to her portfolio.


Dr. You-Jin Chang is a graduate of the University of Bristol in 2010 along with a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery as well as Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry. She is also a prestigious member of the Royal College of Physicians and a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners.

She has a registration with the General Medical Council. She is a General Practitioner who is passionate about teaching. She received accreditation from the Royal College of Physicians education. She works as an examiner as well as a clinical tutor at St George's Medical University, London

Dr. Chang has developed an ardent interest in the field of aesthetics – particularly in skin rejuvenation treatments and non-surgical aesthetic procedures. She got education about dermatology along with aesthetics from prestigious Yonsei University Hospital in South Korea where she spend one year. She also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in clinical dermatology with merit at the renowned Queen Mary University of London. She aims to make people look and feel young, youthful and beautiful by enhancing their appearance through cosmetic treatments.

Treatments that Dr. Chang Performs

Dr. Chang performs the following cosmetic procedure at CosmeDocs clinic:

Non-surgical aesthetic treatments including

Skin rejuvenation treatments, including:

Clinics where she is available

Dr. Chang is available at the CosmeDocs Clinics in London and Portsmouth.


I have been quite unhappy with my thin lips. Then I chose Cosmedocs for receiving lip fillers treatment to enhance my lips. I was provided a consultation by Dr Chang and I found her extremely amiable and knowledgeable about the treatment. She openly provided me with all the details about the treatment including the side effects and any risks involved. She gave me time to rethink the treatment and return back the next day. Her guidance helped to remove any concerns about the treatment and I returned with confidence to have the lip fillers treatment. Throughout the procedure, she asked me to see in the mirror to observe the changes in the size and shape of my lips. The results were outstanding and natural. I would recommend her for the non-surgical lip fillers.” - MB

I have taken dermatological treatment for my skin concerns including acne, pigmentation and acne scars. Dr. Chang provided me with the details of the treatment options. She closely observed and assessed my skin condition and developed a custom-tailored plan to deal with my skin issues. I am really happy with the outcomes till now as I have started regaining the glow, smoothness, clarity, and rejuvenation of my skin. The plan is still going on and I am expecting to see brilliant outcomes.” - NC


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