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We thank all our clients who took the time and effort to write a testimonial – hope to see you all again in the near future

I have received botox injections at CosMedocs to treat underarm hyperhidrosis. I am very happy with the result. I have suffered for years with embarrassing, frustrating and life-restricting underarm sweat patches. Botox has completely eliminated my sweat patches in day-to-day life and lasts approximately 5 months after treatment. It is such a relief to feel “normal” and be able to wear whatever type and colour of clothes I like. I would highly recommend botox treatment for anyone who suffers with underarm hyperhidrosis.

CW, London

I was recommended CosMedocs by a friend of mine. I was somewhat nervous about it at first and so a little hesitant. However the experience was simple, quick and professional and I’m really very pleased with the results. Pleased also that I have found somewhere in London that I now trust.

Miss J. – London

I had the nose job by injection using Teosyal deep lines. I also had my frown lines done with the same product. I’m happy with the results and I thought the doctor was very careful, professional and kind. He said it should last for about a year or more. I’ll definitely go back and ask for the same doctor. When I had my consultation I was advised that I may have bruising for up to a week afterwards so I chose a very quiet week. It did feel tender for about two weeks but the bruising wasn’t very obvious and only lasted for a couple of days” All the best.

CZ – London

I tend to cringe my face and frown a lot when I talk and think. As a result at 29 years old, I was getting premature worry lines on my forehead.

This also gave me somewhat of an ‘angry look’ and I was worried that it would give people the wrong impression.

Sunsequently I contacted Cosmedocs for Botox injections. The staff were very helpful and understanding. As it was my first visit, I was made to feel comfortable and given all the information required before going ahead with the treatment.

I would definitely recommend

Cosmedocs to anyone.

AP – London

I visited Cosmedocs in December for botox of 2 areas. I have been using botox for 3 years but since returning to the UK I had to find a new surgeon. I was glad to discover that I could get good quality treatment at the most affordable price in London. Dr Haq also offered me repeat treatment if I was not happy with the results but I did not need this. It has been almost 5 months and the results are still visible. I will definitely return to Cosmedocs for the great value and fantastic results.

CM, London

I came to Cosmedocs for my second round of botox and was very impressed. My first botox treatment from The Xxxxxxxx Xxxxx faded after just three months and my second botox treatment has lasted a good five months and was £20 cheaper than the first. I found the doctor who administered my botox at Cosmedocs very professional and knowledgeable. He answered all my questions very well and made me feel very comfortable. It has now been five months since my last visit to Cosmedocs and i will be booking in my next botox treatment in a couple of weeks in the knowledge that I won’t need another visit for a further 5/6 months after that. I would recommend (and have recommended) my friends to Cosmedocs, the best value for money and very professional.

LP – London

Dear Cosmedocs, It would be my pleasure to provide a testimonial.

I find the treatments provided by Cosmedocs to be at great competitive prices – which during a recession is always good! The staff are friendly and professional. My experience is so good that my husband and mother-in-law come with me to get their own treatments done.


I have now had two different treatments at your Harley Street clinics, Botox and fillers. It was not my first experience of botox but it was certainly my best. Before I had found it to be a little uncomfortable but I can honestly say that when Dr (and I am so sorry I cant remember his name just now) administered the injections I hardly felt a thing. He was very professional, explaining the procedure at each stage and I had complete confidence in him.

When I asked for his advice about other treatments that might be suitable for me I felt it was based on sound knowledge and appropriateness for me, rather than him trying to sell a service for the sake of it, and I was very happy to go ahead with it.

I have found all your staff whether on the telephone or at the clinics to be extremely pleasent and helpful a credit to the company.

I was delighted when you moved into larger premises in Harley Street as I feel they more accurately reflect the quality of your services.

If anyone has any doubt about botox or any other cosmetic procedures then I would wholeheartedly recommend them to talk to Cosmedocs first. You will be given objective professional personalised advice, and then treatment by a skilled and charming practitioner in elegant surroundings and at prices that are within the range of many people. So dont doubt for a day longer! You wont regret it! I have recommended them to everyone I know even though it means my secret is out!

JP – North London

I just wanted to let everyone know how good Cosmedocs are. I have used them twice now, each time getting my glabella area done. The first time with them it lasted nearly 7 months so I am thinking it can only be longer this time. Previoulsy I used a firm called Xxxx who were very expensive and not very good. You were lucky to get 3 months with out frowning from them. I took a chance and googed cosmedocs and now I would not use anyone else. Their work is excellant, the value great and the doctor is WOW.

If your gonna have the needle then make the right decision first time, go with cosmedocs.

Thanks for my frown free face.

TB – London

I had botox injections under my arm. I am very happy with the result. Last time I had it was last autumn and I must admit that since then I sweat very little, which is normal. Now that summer is back and I will wear colourful outfits I will visit the clinic again.

RC – London

I had botox in the Harley street office. Very impressed with treatment and very reasonable price. Would recommend.

Nw London

I am in Ecuador I had botox I am happy with the treatment.


A G – Ecuador

To CosMedocs – A Testimonial:

Having been to Cosmedocs on 3 occasions, I feel able to make an honest and positive recommendation of their services.Have had Botox treatment with them and have found them to be courteous, informative and, importantly for me, absolutely painless unlike thetreatment I have had from other cosmetic surgeons on previous occasions.I would happily recommend them and will be using them again.


SP – London

I have had botox previously but this was my first time at this clinic. I found the Doctor very polite and professional and answered all my questions which made me feel at ease and comfortable.

The botox lasted 6 months and I did not have to go for a top up. Also the results really did make a significant difference to my forehead area.

When ringing for my next appointment the receptionist is very helpful and tried to get me an appointment as soon as possible.

Altogether a very professional and worthwhile experience!

LM – Battersea, London

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to inform you that I have had treatment at Cosmedocs in the past six months. I have always found them very professional and have been plesed with the results. The Doctor is very informative, realistic and provides excellent service. I would highly recommend Cosmedocs to any of my friends.


JN – London

I have used Cosmedocs for Botox treatment on three occasions and found them to be trustworthy and reliable, and produce good effects.


I was looking for a professional and reliable private clinic for my liposuction, and I was recommended from a friend to visit the West London Clinic. There I met my surgeon Mr. Bvadodaria. I felt very comfortable with him from the first time, and we discussed the different options available. In the past I had a breast augmentation overseas, but I was not satisfied with the results. This was also brought up with Mr. Bvadodaria and we eventually agreed for me to have both procedures done at the same time.

After the operation I was very happy with the results. My thighs are as I wanted, and my breasts are also exactly as I had hoped. I would like to thank Mr Bvadodaria for his professionalism and for all the time he spent with me deciding what my best choice was.

by patient of Mr. Shailesh Vadodaria

A Very Happy Client

I have used the services of CosMedocs at Harley Street on two occasions, for botox and filler treatment.

I was very impressed by the knowledge of the consultant, who seemed highly experienced and had a very reassuring manner. I felt that his advice was extremely sound and that I could trust him. The results of both treatments were excellent, and I will definitely be returning.


Have now been to Cosmedocs three times, twice for botox and once for filler. Fantastic service and discussed filler to great lengths to make sure i was happy with the choice of filler. Amazing results on top lip, wow, very subtle but everyone can notice i now have a top lip lol. Also had filler in the nasal lines, from nose to mouth, again i couldn’t be happier. Had this done at another surgery before and was not happy with the outcome. Again Cosmedocs have excelled for me. Great service, great doctor and great prices.

SL – London

I visited CosMedoc’s last summer for underarm Botox to help with excess sweating. The treatment was a great success and was carried out quickly and painlessly by a very friendly member of the CosMedoc team. I was really pleased with the results and I would definitely recommend this treatment. My underarm sweating was significantly reduced which meant I was able to wear whatever I liked without the constant worry of wet patches on my clothes! The price was also very reasonable as I found other clinic’s costs were quite a bit higher.

MM – London

CosMedocs is my first choice for wrinkle treatment because I have always had results that delighted me. In addition appointments have always been easy to schedule and the staff friendly and attentive. Whilst I was initially a little wary of cosmetic treatment the whole experience has been pleasant and worthwhile. I am now a regular patient and am delighted to recommend them

AH. – Birmingham

I have found the people at cosmedocs to be very proffesional, offering a excellent service. I would most definitley recommend them to a friend.

JW – Unknown location

I have visited Cosmedocs numerous times for Botox treatments. I have found them to be competitively priced, efficient and very convenient. The staff are friendly and my appointments are always on time. I will be continuing to use Cosmedocs in the future.

KF, London

I had teosyal filler for the lines next to my mouth and I was really pleased with my treatment. I found the doctors to be sympathetic and informative. The post-treatment effects were exactly as they had described and I felt able to ask any questions that I needed to. I would be happy to return for treatment.

JMM London

I used comedocs for underarm botox and found them professional, with good customer service and competitively priced. I am planning to use them again.

PG – Surrey

I was very pleased with my botox treatment. Cosmedocs provide an excellent service and make you feel completely comfortable at their superb location in London, Harley Street

AG, London

I have had Botox twice with Cosmedocs. Each time it was given pleasantly with very clear instructions about aftercare and, even better, the effects have lasted longer and without any of the bruising I experienced at rival clinics. I feel in very safe hands.

JR, London

I had botox for hyperhidrosis with Dr Haq 3 months ago and I am so happy with the results. It has literally changed my life…My confidence has improved dramatically, I don’t have to worry about what fabrics or colours I wear and don’t have to change clothes several times a day…it’s amazing!! Thank you Dr Haq!!

C. F – UK


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